Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reverse Spin: Who should not vote for Scherer for the best congressman.

Ok.  Here is some reverse spin.  We are only doing this to give the other candidates a chance. Especially the newbies who were afraid to file against Moore like Yoder, the only candidate to splurge by investing a whole 13 dollars of his own money in his own campaign.

Exactly who should vote for either a rookie congressional yahoo or an experienced yahoo that is corrupt?  (Think Satan and compare to Nick Jordan). So below is an analytical framework that will help you clearly determine whether you should vote for the best candidate for United States Congress (Scherer), or one of the corrupt candidates.  This should really be quite simple.

So, vote for one of the other candidates, if and only if you are one of the following:

1.  Lemming standing at the edge of the cliff and like following the herd, or

2. GOP insider standing at the edge of the cliff and like following the herd, or

3. You are a very conservative loyalyst that thinks we need to set up a new world order, or

4. You like war and think it is good for our economy, or

5. Corporate Executive that likes corruption (think drug and insurance industry), or

6. CEO that wants to own their very own congressman or Senator (think Sunfllower Electric CEO) who will do anything to get another coal plant built in Kansas, or

7. You think Dennis Moore was actually effective and you therefore obviously live on another planet outside the known and unknown universe; or the final reason,

8. Your name is Larry Gates and you are the king of the Demiwants-"we want this and we want you to pay for it" kind of socialist or  commie-type mentality.

Now on the reverse spin, naturally you would vote for Scherer for your congressman if, and only if you meet one or more of the criteria below:

1. You like God and Jesus. Or alternatively some other deity.

2.  You like someone with integrity and creativity that will really solve problems in the public interest, regardless of any stupid election outcome.

3. You are a middle class tax payer and you are tired of paying for other people's stuff. (aka Patriot, Regular American or Tea Party attendee).

4. You are an independent voter, who is not happy with either the GOP or Dem Party yahoos in Washington spending all your federal tax dollars on corruption that only makes the rich, richer. (Think New World Order that leads and is intent with zeal to destroying the middle class).

5.  You are a Libertarian, Constitutionalist, or Reformer and you do not want to waste your vote because Ron Paul will not move to Kansas and run for Congress, or.

6. You want to unite America regardless of party affiliation, and actually like the United States Consitution, or merely because

7. You like Scherer's ideas that rebuilding America's infrastructre bringing jobs to back to America might actually have been a good idea  last year (still a good idea provided taxpayers do not get the bill) before the Dem majority wasted a trillion of our federal tax dollars rescuing the money changers (bankers, insurance companies and Wall St.), Government Motors and all the whiny state GOV that all caused the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression, or

8. You just like Scherer because he has outstanding character, actively listening to gather a consensus of what the voters want, and   because he is doing stuff now to put money in your pocket, instead of the various government entities, all so Scherer can  merely get a job as your best congressman from you, or alternatively, we the people.

Tough call.

Depends on what you, the voter want.  Is that not what makes America a great country to live in? Over and over in the past, we kept  re-electing really rotten people again, or we prefer and suspect the box to check on the voter ballot is probably the one marked for Scherer.

Scherer Congressional Campaign Committee.

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