Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger Grants-Rebuilding America's Transportation System with your tax dollars

I just got word on the Tiger Grants.  Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery Grants.

More pork using your federal tax dollars.  So ask the Obama administration and the United States Department of Transportation to send a thank you letter to every American that is going to have pay for this. 

Spinning this positive, at least this is a lot better than bailing out failed banks and insurance companies.

These grants are really a big gift of your tax dollars. But, at least this is related to our national  infrastructure.

Your call on whether this is how you want your money spent.  Why the rail industry cannot pay for their own stuff remains a key question and even bigger, a huge mystery. 

Why are we paying for private industry on some of this stuff, instead of them?  Probably this has to do with the United PACS of America, their lobbyists and some of these democrats that are worried about the 2010 election cycle--for a very good reason.  Fiscal insanity. 

More on this porking with your tax dollars later.  I need to do an analysis.


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