Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time to listen. Exactly. Then act on what we, the people understand already.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele decided it might be a good idea to listen to us tea party folks.  What took so long? 

Intro: I can listen all day long.  However, just listening, they may not understand. They can listen, but not care.  They can listen and fail to act on what they hear. They can feign to listen, nod their heads and do what they want for special interest groups and the United PACS of America.  Especially, when they are corrupt and rotten. 

One must listen, understand, set up a written plan, keep your promise and act on what you stated you were going to do.  If the plan is not working, or circumstances change, listen some more.  Use the collective wisdom of all.  And then, maybe then our nation becomes a better place for all of us.

And is there written plan already?  You betcha. It is called the United States Constitution.  Which also requires a politican or stateman (like Scherer) to read that plan.  And that plan ensures us if we follow it, a more perfect union. 

Did you notice Steele did not go to the tea party people.  The Tea Party people went to Steele.  I would not have. 

I do not trust this person.  He has not heard us before.  Generally, what Steele is doing is pandering.  Listening, but not no real intent to act.  Outright pandering.  Why has the GOP not been listening and now suddenly they want to? Why? 

Because there is an election coming up.  Now there is.  And GOP Senators and Congressman are afraid they are get fired also.  Good. They should be fired for ruining our nation and failing to listen and act.

Further, to those tea party patriots: Do not let the GOP steal your thunder.  The GOP National including Steele are merely jumping on our bandwagon.  We can never trust GOP National that clearly states all they want to do is listen.  In one ear and out the other. 

Listening without a plan of action means nothing.  If the GOP will state in a written plan what they hearing and what they are going to do, maybe then we might be able to trust them.   

They are part of the problem.  They were not listening for the last eight years.  So suddenly like lemming leaches come election time, they are going to start listening now?  Get real.

They will infiltrate and try to claim they are your friends.  And post-election, the GOP lemmings will merely continue their culture of corruption some more. 

Listening.  That is the first part of my job.  I am doing the best I can to do that very thing for the last five years.  And I am getting better slowly.  And should I fail to listen, understand, and act to what you, my consensus employers tell me to do as your congressman, then you should fire me after I am elected to becoming your next United States Congressman. 


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