Monday, February 15, 2010

Funeral Notice: A big centralized federal government died recently.

I am trying to determine exactly when did a huge bloated and fiscally irresponsible federal government die.  I am pretty certain in happened when the stock market crashed in October, again.  This time, it was October 2008.  Or was the day the public had enough, the day the feds bailed out the money-changers, AIG and the banks.  What the heck happened?

Was it the Rick Santelli chant?.  Was it our own greed and self-interest causing the death of big centralized government?  Perhaps, that is really what killed big government.  Us.  When our 401k plans and our stock portfolios crashed, is that not when we all started attending tea party events.  Or was it when Obama bailed out every whiny governor in the nation?  Or, was it when Obama met with the drug and insurance companies in Feb. 2009, in a secret meeting cutting some kind of deal with these corrupt corporations?  Was that it?

More than likely, it was all of the above.  Whatever caused the death of a big centralized federal government, I am grateful.


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