Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just call me Shirley

Generally, most of my friends, staff, lovers, pet owners, acquaintances including, God and Jesus, usually just call me Tom. 

Some call me Thomas, my legal first name given to me by my parents, an important sign of respect. 

But, I keep hearing most of the wise and informed voters, we the people calling me Shirley lately.

They keep asking each other "Who is the best candidate for United States Congress?"

And the wisest of the informed and knowledgable voters keep saying:

"that is easy--Surely, [it is] Scherer." 

So just for today, call me Shirley Scherer

For the wise know almost universally that Shirley Scherer [is], the best candidate for United States Congress.

No one else is even close.  Get to know Shirley.  Like we do.

Congressional Staff for Thomas E. Scherer, surely the best candidate for United States Congress

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