Friday, February 12, 2010

Stopping bipartisan nonsense: Possible solution proposed

Most of us Americans are sick and tired of all this partisianship and gamesmanship by all these yahoos in Washington D.C.  There are two competing parties, the Demiwants vs. Party of No Way, the GOP.  Why these two competing parties cannot get along, is really upsetting we, the people.  So being an astute reader of many things, I noticed a letter in a local horrible newspaper, the Johnson County Sun.

Now this reader suggests this kind of nonsense should end. I concur.  But, she does not provide any proposed solution.  So, I will.

To end all this gaming by the yahoo politicans, for the benefit of we, the people, how about these yahoos in Washington have a list of priorites and do like what we do as children.  They take turns.  So, for example, the Dems as the majority get to go first.  Then, the GOP gets their turn.  Continue process until America is a better nation. 

See.  Solutions are possible.  Would someone tell these yahoos in Washington to apply the same rules in Congress that we were taught as children.  Be nice; take turns.  Clean your room, take a bath every once in a while, and stop whining and crying when you do not get your way, all the time.  If you break it, fix it.   And if you do not, you will not get your allowance. Finally, if you do not do what we, the people tell you, we are going to take off the belt of responsibilty and apply some real damage to your backside, shortly. Around November 2010.


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