Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Usurpation of Kansas by the evil despot, King Sam Brokeback. A horrible fable of corruption

Once upon a time long ago, about 1500 miles away, there was a wonderful little country of 3 million inhabitants in a nice country called Kansas.  It was located right next to the Twilight Zone, somewhere over the rainbow. One could easily get there by merely following a yellow brick road named Interstate 70. 

Somehow, an evil despot thought the yellow bricks had to be gold.  So, soon after this despot almost single-handedly ruined another country called the Divided States of America. So this evil despot hurried up and left because he had a hand in causing one of the worst financial crisises in decades.

So essentially, the evil despot had a big part to play in ruining this country by being silly and fiscally irresponsible. Now this insane despot had this ridiculus theory he could grow money and gold on trees in Kansas.

So, the despot hurried and left the Divided States of America because no one wanted him to be their king. So, rejected he chose to move to the fertile farm land of the country of Kansas.

His name was King Sam Brokeback. The King was a big con artist and corruptly usurped the rights of the citizen electors shortly after he arrived.  He did this by using his flawed logic to select who should govern this wonderful and bountiful country. Soon, there was a total economic collapse causing great grief in this country caused by the corruption within his administration by him and his cronies.

Cries of the people fell on deaf ears. King Brokeback really did not care about the people.  He ruined the economy of this fabled land with all his corruption. Most stated it was due to his appointing his evil and greedy hand-picked cronies to key appointments all over the state.  He was so evil.

Finally, the King Brokeback decided to appease the inhabitants to silence all their complaining about his corrupt operation and his failure to grow money or gold on any trees anywhere in this country of Kansas.

So the king gave what little money was left in the treasury to most of the churches in Kansas. His faulty irrational ideas concerning government, generally attributed by those far wiser, was due to his lack of his understanding a simple, but fundamental concept called separation of church and state.  Some knew the evil despot Brokeback was lacking the intelligence to ever understand this.  Nor was he competent enough. So . . .

When the people kept trying to tell him to use common sense and that trees in the country of Kansas could never make money or grow yellow bricks of gold, he then insanely declared himself to be God. This left the unfortunate residents of the country of Kansas no options. So they all moved to a new country called Florida.

The end. 

a short fable written by tdus

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