Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is going on with Kansas GOP Insiders Today!

I merely wonder what scheme GOP leaders are up to today.  Let us give a brief history to date.

Head dude, Sam Brokeback continues his shallow attempts to circumvent the voters by hand-picking who he wants to get elected.  Bad Sam.

Kansas GOP HQ is enduring an audit by the Federal Election Commission.  Not to mention the FBI is also watching.

Cici, probably went back to Texas.

JOCO GOP HQ continues to be strange and corrupt.  This little group continues to demonstrate bias in this federal election cycle. For example, this group gave two congressional candidates prime office space in their campaign HQ; while refusing to extend that offer to two other candidates, Gilyeat and myself.

The only rationale I can think of must be JOCO GOP likes Tom Cruise, the Church of Scientology (Ron Hubbard), Hitler and only likes genetic perfections, like themselves.  Essentially, JOCO GOP HQ staffers hate people that are dealing, or have overcome their own disabilities.

More than likely, JOCO GOP HQ, and people like Sam Brokeback also hate senior citizens. Brokeback's slogan is consistent.  Get rid of entitlements.  Why this hatred of those on fixed incomes?

Because they are not adding to the economic production of JOCO.  So, tax the crap out of our senior citiznes forcing them to move to Florida, Arizona, or anywhere, but JOCO.  So next time you drive by this corrupt place, ask them where the Nazi flag is.  Say Hiel to them.  Or salute head Nazi, Sam Brokeback.  They like that.

Congressional candidates like Gilyeat and Scherer, honorably discharged United States veterans.  Both Mr. Gilyeat and myself put our lives on the line defending our nation.  Further, Gilyeat and I are compassionate candidates for United States Congress.  We have endured a lot.  We understand the difficulties of life.  We have been there. Maybe just like you. We listen.  We have honor and integrity. 

So more than likely, the rank and file loyalsts will continue to be corrupt and be like lemmings getting ready to jump off the cliff of reality because the stuff is starting to hit the fan. 

Now in regard to the Federal Election Commission, they too are having a hard time.  In 2009, they could not get a quorum assembled to do much of anything. Bad FEC.  This federal agency is almost as fun as trying to work with the Internal Revenue Service. 

Later. Time to get back to work taking care of your business earning more of votes every day, by doing stuff now, instead of waiting to do stuff, post-election.  I merely continue to wonder what these other yahoos are doing in real terms to make your life better?

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