Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sam Brokeback hates all of you entitlement people-just ask him

Just for fun, I decided to write this one.  For good reason.  Sam Brownback should never be elected the GOV of Kansas for good reason.

He hates us.  All of us.  Ask him what His position  is related to entitlements.  He wants to get rid of all of them, without distinction.  This is his tag line.  So, who gets entitlements?  And by inferrence, who does Sam Brownback hate. 

Seniors citizens, mothers with children, people who are disabled, disabled veterans, sick people.  To which I ask Mr. Brokeback, who do you want to be GOV of?  Is there anyone left in the state of Kansas, that he likes?

Seems by your horrible prejudice and bigotry, you must therefore hate all of us.  Implying you only love yourself and your huge egomanical narcissistic self. 

Do not vote for this yahoo to be the GOV of Kansas.  For good reason. He hates you. On the other hand, who then does he love?  Corporations and Big Government. Entities. Things.  And if elected to be the Kansas GOV, he will ensure they get all your money, provided you have any left.


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