Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wyandotte County Voters: Just say no to the 3/8 cent sales tax increase

The dem socialist mayor of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County wants your money.  Like Nancy Reagan likes to state, just say no.  This ambiguous request for more of your money is another horrible idea.  I do not support it.  Nor would I ever ask the voters of Wyandotte to do such a silly and unwise thing.  This is the worst thing to ask during a recession.

If Joe Reardon really wanted to promote and improve the economy of WYCO, he would do the exact opposite and reduce taxes in your county.  So ask him to do that.  If he  refuses, fire him.  Get a better mayor. 

Mr. Reardon, like a yellow-bellied coward refuses to meet with me; or even return my phone calls related to the same.  So that is strike two.  I would start getting a Mayor that is far wiser in economics and understands basic economic theory.  Joe clearly does not how. Since Joe Reardon will not do not do anything wise to promote the economy of WYCO, I will.  As I did in the next paragraph below.

In other stuff, yesterday was a busy day. I filed the formal brief challenging the COTA and the silly real estate comparables tax scheme employed by JOCO Government.  They too want all my money so they can do all kinds of ridiculus projects.  They are not going to get it.  I would rather move into a tent than give them one more nickel. Even bettet than just challenging the court itself, and this real estate comparbles scheme,

I also challenged the assessment of real estate in all 105 counties in Kansas being in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Why, because it is.  Broadly, across the 105 counties in Kansas, it is like Jim Crow.  Separate, but unequal.  

So, that is the kind of stuff I do to clearly demonstrate why I am the better candidate for Congress--by acting, not giving rhetoric like that Yoder dude.  What did he do yesterday to earn your vote? Ask him.  He refused to communicate to my debate challenge. 

After filing that brief, I then went to a Rotary International Meeting.  Naturally, I suggested KU should be required to join the NBA next year because they keep winning far too many national  basketball  championships. It is not fair to the University of Missouri to let the Jayhawks keep winning so often.  Especially to MU,  MU needs a little help.  Maybe they should draft John Brown as a point guard. 

Continuing, one of the Rotarians told the audience about seeing a bunch of migrant farm workers and their children standing in a rainstorm.  He asked the Rotarians to contribute to a fund to give their children tennis shoes.  So that was charitable and a good example of being a public servant.  I asked him if he would take me out to see this situation. 

He then informed me he had merely seen these unfortunate workers and their families on the way to the casino.  And really had no desire to help these individuals.  He also stated only about 20% were here unlawfully.  Naturally, I was thinking of Cesar Chavez and how he organized the migrant farm workers to keep them from being exploited. 

So maybe, this might be an opportunity for me to help many, just like Cesar Chavez did.  There are so many people out there that need some help.  It is sad that I am only one human.  And like most yahoo politiciaans, I too have to prioritize and manange my time.

After the Rotary Club event, I then went to a new VA Outpatient Clinic.  I was saddened when I saw a very young man there using a carved cane.  Clearly, he was disabled by the insane Iraq War.  And that will be for his lifetime.  It is no picnic to go to a VA Clinic or Hospital. Although I do not have sympathy.  Instead, I have empathy and thank these vets for fighting for our nation.  And maybe if more of us went to one, we would think twice about sending our young to act like policeman in a foreign nation. 

Anyway, it is a new day.  Time to get to work. Later.


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