Monday, March 1, 2010

Abomination: There goes another billion of your money!

Well, there goes another billion by Obama. 

Ok.  So he wants to only give 900 million of your tax dollars to local schools.  I am getting to the point whenever Obama shows up on TV, I know there goes some more of your tax money down the drain.  This guy is like a shopoholic that just can't say no to spending our money.  Obama needs to join a 12 step program for free wheeling, social engineering nut jobs. 

The only solace, and it not much of one, I did not vote for this socialist Muslim from Kenya.  That is your fault.  Man up and confess if you voted for Obama's hope and change.  Yes, we can.  Yes we can keep spending your tax dollars sending this country into deeper and deeper debt. 


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