Saturday, February 20, 2010

Modified Sandbox Rules, A Guide to getting to bipartisianship

Ok.  We have the free-spending money for nothing, chicks are free kind of dem socialist mentality vs.the GOP party of NO not listening and acting on what we, the people keep telling them to do.  And they don't.  So, we need a list of rules going forward to fix this nonsense. 

As a candidate for United States Congress, I have to do more than be snarky and complain.  I have to listen, I have to understand what I am hearing.  I have to have a plan and tell you what that plan is.  That plan better have some solutions ready to implement on Day 1. Therefore, as an aid, I am collecting analytical tools like this one below:

These basic rules sum up everything we need to know about getting along with people. It says:

Political pinciples don't have to be complicated. Remember the rules in nursery school:

· Share your toys

· Play Fair

· Don't hit people

· Put things back where you found them

· Clean up your own mess

· Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody

· Don't tell lies

· Live a balanced life

· Learn some and think some and draw every afternoon

 When you go out into the world, watch for traffic, hold hands, and stick together

These sum up for me my adaption related to being the best candidate for United States Congress.

Do I share my toys? In the work setting, it's about sharing your resources: time, knowledge, skill, and understanding.

Play fair - be honest with those around you. Say no if you can't do something. Say yes if you really can. And then do it. Whatever you do, keep your word.

Don't hit people - certainly not physically, but also not emotionally. Support yourself and your people - don't be part of an ambush.

Put things back - make sure you do put your things back where they need to be. Follow procedures, and be respectful of the needs of others to be able to find things where they expect to. This is especially important as people can hot desk or share desks.

Clean up your own mess - if you make a mistake, say so. If it goes wrong, say so. Then do what you can to make amends - quickly.

Say you're sorry when you hurt someone - we may be good at apologising to our electors, but are you as good as apologising to colleagues and enemies? We are human; we have bad days. Own up, explain and then make amends. Quickly.

Don't tell lies - this for me is not only the obvious lies, but also don't be devious. It's also about not concealing what is coming: so it's lies of omission and commission here.

Live a balanced life - be a rounded person. We all know there is more to life than work; cultivate your "home" life, and bring those skills and passion to your work. Encourage your staff by finding out what they do in their down time an asking about it. You never know - the next creative impulse could come from this!

Learn some and think some and draw every afternoon - We all need a time out. Daydreaming is good for us! It's where the creativity comes from and how we regenerate.

And finally, when you go out into the world, watch for traffic, hold hands, and stick together. The team that sticks together and protects each member is the one that performs. As a manager, I saw it as my responsibility to watch out for my team - and I know they watched out for me.

So, keep to the rules in the sandbox, and you will find yourself as part of a warm and performing nation.

Source: Modified from a blog post at

Therefore, to start using this tool, I apoligize to all the horrible, corrupt and rotten politicans out there in both parties that had no plan to  get along.  I apoligize to them for my being a tad bit snarky about how horrible and corrupt these blockheads  have been and remain.  They cannot seem to listen to we the people.

 I merely apoligize on their behalf, to the rest of the people of this nation.  I merely wish they would have apologized themselves for almost ruining our nation requiring we, the people once again to perform our duty when any or many branches of the federal government have failed to listen to the voice of we, the people.

I therefore take upon my shoulders the responsibility of the mess caused by all these yahoos.  God, help me.  And even more important, help them get along and follow some simple sandbox rules to make our nation better.

If they do not, so help me God, I will.


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