Friday, February 19, 2010

Debunking Alien Myths Being Perpetuated by Demiwants located in some unknown universe called the Twilight Zone

It is high time for the record, we debunk some myths perpetuated by the Socialist Demiwant party.

1.  Raising taxes stimulates the economy.  This myth is absurd.  If I need to explain this one, you might just be an economist at Stanford or some other liberal commie university.

2. Raising taxes creates jobs.  Ridiculus. Only a liar would state such a thing. The only thing raising taxes some more, is to  continue to feed and grow the beast. Also known by wise persons as the horrible federal, state, county and local governments; the ones that want all our money and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Just remember how many government jobs were saved by the bailouts and stimulus. The beast keeps growing, getting bigger day by day.  Until the shackles and bondage of slavery rattle your chains, too.  Then, maybe you too will be a tea party patriot.  Let us hope so before it is too late.

3.  Kevin Yoder is not that corrupt; although most of us realize he is a bribed and greased candidate for United States Congress by criminals called attorneys and their equally evil counterpart, greedy corporate CEO's.

Come on.  We have already been through this one.  All of us that have faith, know and understand God and Jesus are not voting for him. So why would anyone else go against the all-knowing God and his loving son, the savior of mankind, Jesus?

 Merely ask yourself, WWJD?  Would he vote for Yoder?  Only when hell freezes over.  What is a Yoder anyway? A person that yodels a lot?  We do not need yodelers in Congress.  We need statesmen like Scherer, the better candidate for United States Congress.  Scherer is the Daniel Webster of Kansas.

4. The voters of WYCO should approve a 3/8 cent sale tax.  What the voters of WYCO should vote for, is whether there should be a recall of Joe Reardon for suggesting such a horrible idea during a recession.

5.  There is hope for the Obama administration. This may not be a myth.  There is hope he goes lame duck for his last 3 years keeping his promise finally of some change.  Him changing to a lame duck status. 

6. Abortion is not murder. Right. And none of the justices on the Supreme Court are judicial activists either and always uphold the words of the United States Constitution in every decision; and would never resort to interpretation of what is clearly written.  If you believe that, I have a Brooklyn Bridge for sale, deeply discounted.  Give me a call. 

7. The federal government is serious about unlawful immigration. This one will make even Cesar Chavez roll on the floor laughing. 

8. The Obama administration will not raise taxes. OK, any demiwant that is a Catholic, head straight to the confessional, sinner living far too long in denial.  If you are a demiwant and you believe this, and are not a Catholic, call your psychiatrist and tell him you are feeling delusional.

9.  The Obama administration will close GITMO in 2009. Not that 2009.  In the demiwant world, also called Bizzaro, time moves backwards and we in the Obama administration have not gotten to the end of 2009 yet.

10. The Obama administratiion is going to create/save 4 million jobs. By the 23rd Century.  Did he forget to state that dealine date? Oops.  Simple omission.  We have hope that around 2300, we in the Barry administration will figure out how to let the world population grow, so we can claim, see we were right. 

And finally, the top myth of 2009, Steve Rose, my nemisis, is a fiscally conservative GOP candidate for United States Congress.  How absurd. Get real Steve.  None of ever believed that kind of nonsense.  Even the demiwants were rolf over that one.

Scariest myth I have ever heard in life (from CPAC conference in Washington, DC this week) : Dick "Satan" Cheney may run to be President of the United States. 

Note to self:  Get ready to expatriate to China. Armegeddon is close at hand. 
Or,  alternatively, beam me up Scotty. There is no intelligent life left on this planet. For certainly, I must be in the Twilight Zone.  And in the distance, I can clearly hear Cap'n Kirk telling Zulu, get us the hell out of here. Warp drive. Engage.  Later.

Get real on all the above.

Today's news worth noting: Pork bailout to five states to help keep people from losing their homes.  They want to thank you for your gift to them.  Price to you-1.5 billion.  Mere chump change.  Once again reaffirming Orwell's book, 1984 that some states and their citizens are more equal or better than those in Kansas losing their homes.  Great. 

Another affirmation of why you might seek a better congressman this term, named Scherer.  Pork from the controlling dems in the last two days of your money--a measly 3 billion. Thank God the demiwants are paying attention and becoming fiscally conservative.  Instead of giving away 780 billion in one day, they are going to give away another 780 billion one day at a time hoping you, the person whose money this is, does not notice. 

So, the new dem plan, be sneaky.  Those stupid people will not notice.  Now we have to do something about that Scherer guy in Kansas that keeps citizens informed.  Per the orders of Satan, "get out the waterboard and transfer his arse to GITMO.  ASAP. "

Further, later today, Satan Cheney was overheard saying at the CPAC conference,  "Fry that Scherer dude like a strip of bacon. He has figured out our new world order plan.  We gotta do something. I am going to be the dictator, errr. . . I mean President of the United States no matter what I have to do."   

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