Thursday, February 18, 2010

News Exclusive! Hot off the Blog Press.

News flash:

GOV of Kansas is going to meet with some really upset, but very courageous women of Kansas; whom love their children so much, they will do whatever it takes to ensure their rights as the parent of that child, are not deprived.

When: Early March, date unknown as of this press release.  Probably around March 5 or so. 

Good.  I will  do my best to be there also; unless my personal finances prevent otherwise. These brave ladies have every right to be treated with respect by a certain Johnson County judge: that does not.

Her last name starts with the letter S and name rhymes with Loan.  She needs to be fired. 

Why am I doing this? Well, because I like both ladies and their children.  They need a better congressman, also.

They need a congressional candidate that is not deaf to their usurpations, that listens, understands and will represent them, no matter what it takes. If I cannot stand up for individuals like this, I would not be worthy of your vote.  I must stand up for their constitutional rights related to their children.  And maybe by affect, your children, or your grandchildren. 

Time to make certain the state of Kansas does not take away children from parents of Kansans, unless there truly is an exceptional circumstance requiring the state of Kansas to do so.


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