Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Poll Data from VA: Good, Scherer has 1% of the vote

Boy, do we like polls. Especially one by some douche bag out of VA. Like he really knows what is happening in Kansas.  This moron states Nick Jordan is winning the polls in the 3rd.  However, I am not daunted by such an idiot. Merely see the article on this poll carried by the equally horrible Kansas City Red Star Prime Buzz.  Merely more of that socialist pro-liberal media nonsense.

 Now we can expect Steve Rose to be the next idiot and counter this poll with his own predictions taking his turn by stating O'Hara must have 5000% of the vote, because ACORN is backing her candidacy.  And Steve will also do a scientific poll by asking his family at dinner. 

 I remember a famous quote by a tank general during WWII.  He stated, "we are surrounded on the left, and on the right, and in front and behind us.  Good.  They cannot escape this time."  Neither can Jordan or Yoder escape their past, their corruption, or quid pro quo.

For most of know that Scherer is just like the tank general surrounded by political insiders and lemming loyalsts. They cannot escape this time.

Most Kansans know Jordan is doing horribly.  Nick might have done better, if he could only learn he ought to do some campaigning and earn some votes before the election, just like Scherer is doing.

The voters of WYCO, DGCO, and many in JOCO do not like or trusst "Satan" Jordan.  And Yoder being bought is well known fact by blog political insiders also.  Not to mention Yoder spins like a top in all directions politically.

Some are not sure if puppy dog Yoder is a dem RINO or a dem socialist.  Probably for good reason. Yoder cannot figure out where he should position his campaign politically either. So, he rides the wind like a surfer rides a wave following whatever is the prevailing wind on any given day. And absolutely will not tell anyone why they should vote for him.. Nor is yodeling Kevin earning your vote.  He is merely trying to buy your vote.

So, all of us merely wonder what was this polling data that states the opposite of reality? Nice spin.  Too bad it is a huge distortion of reality from a land far past even the Twilight Zone. 

Most of us political insiders who can read and analyze FEC reports, know and expect that Jordan is going to drop out real soon.  For good reason.

 Why waste the money? Like all those individuals who supported him in 2008, and now are abandoning Jordan and switching to bribing and corrupting "yodeling" blue and yellow dog puppy coward, Yoder.  In only 8 day. But let none of us forget yodeler Yoder invested his life savings of 13 dollars of his own money. 

So, on a percentage basis, he has only been bought by some infinite magnitude that I cannot even calculate.  Yoder's campaign slogan should be quid pro quo. "Give me some money NRCC and I will vote anyway you want me to. I am cheap and can be bought/"

 So to us insiders who actually live in Kansas instead of VA,  and breathe politics on a daily basis,, know that  Jordan is political  history. Furthermore,  Yoder is corrupt leaving allegedly Scherer, Rysavy and Lightner with 1% of the vote. 

That poll is one huge quantum leap so far from reality, it had to come from the corrupt east coast. Clearly, this poster must have been paid a lot of money by Jordan fans to do this kind of spin of reality.

Plus, Rysavy, Gilyeat and Lightner, I wrote off as serious candidates in November when they stated fatally they supporting making you, a Kansan with children want to pay even more money for a free and accessible public education.  (FAPE).  If you support these two yahoos, a free and accessible public education will only cost you around $2,500 per each child or college student based on the fair market value of a public education in Kansas.  (Cost for k-12 is around 11,000 per pupil). 

Thank God it is alleged that in Kansas, there is something called  a free and accessible public education. It would be free if it were not for that horrible real estate tax nonsense most of us pay for this FAPE. And the only reason for those real estate taxes being so astronomical, is because all these school district administrators do not like reality either;' nor do they want to be forced to consolidate.  For good reason. 

We could get rid of lot of them and return to the novel idea of actually educating children.  And do not forget, these horrible administrators actual performance--25% per cent drop rate. To go along with the 60% flat proficiency rate for those that graduate for decades despite telling us they need more money to do their jobs.  Meaning spend a lot of money on capital improvements, but none on educating students.

Further, the results of Kansas's public school system requires those whom do actually get lucky and graduate from high school despite all this administrative bloat, to have to take remedial classes merely to get into college.  Bad job.  If these public school administrators  refuse to consolidate and reduce their administrative overhead we are forced to pay, then maybe, just maybe it might be time to fire some of those folks, as well.   

So do like we do when it comes to polling data from some yahoo in VA, or hear someone state they support the Fair Tax--ROTFLMAO some more.  We did. 


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