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Our kids in Kansas need constitutional rights restored: Time for a new coalition

Feb. 11 update.  Ok, Buzz.  Hammer Time. 

Neither the GOV, Secretary of SRS or Mike Donnelly returned a phone call, but failed to be effective at it.  Remember, a failure to communicate is sufficient cause to demand people that work in government for us employers, the people means it is time to suggest some of these people are fired.  Let us start with Mr. Jordan.  He needs to go since he is in charge of Kansas SRS.

Feb. 10 update: Ok, today's update.  Apparently, Mr. Jordan delegated to Mike Donnelly the right to communicate with me related to these concerns of many parents.  Mike Donnelly has not called.  So, he is refusing to communicate to date.  Now I know and like Mike Donnelly.  Him and I did some stuff together when he was working at DRC/KAPS.  So, I like Mike, provided he communicates today.  The clock is ticking.

I just got off the phone with Mr. Jordan's admin assistants.  So today is the last day for Mike to call.  Ok Mike? 

Update: I called today, Feb. 8, the Govenor of Kansas, the Secretary of of SRS, Mr. Jordan, and Mike Donnelly, attorney-at-law for SRS.  Apparently, later this evening, Mr. Donnelly, acting on behalf of the Secretary of SRS is going to call me related to the concerns of these parents.  Thanks God.  You must have heard our prayer, unlike the GOV of Kansas for certainly Parkinson was not listening. So typically, I will get a lot of rhetoric.  So stay  tuned.  This is far from over.   

The Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson must be afraid.

He might want to read the 1933 speech by FDR about fear. He may want to remember he should have no fear and be proud to be a Kansan like the rest of us.  I would assume since he refused to call me on this, I may have standing to file a court case against him for nonfeasance; as defined by Black's Law Dictionary (any edition, citation and pg. no. omitted). Defined both by common sense and by this book as "a failure to perform his public duty" as required by our Kansas Constitution. 

Which by his oath as both an attorney and as the Kansas GOV, he promises all of us, the citizens of Kansas he will do. The GOV of Kansas also swears by oath or affirmation to ensure as a condition of statehood, to also comply with the United States Constitution.  Such as the 5th and 14th Amendments.  So, exactly whom is Parkinson GOV of, if not us, we the people of Kansas? 

What is the GOV afraid of?  I am just one person.  He has lots of staff members and at least one attorney?  Come on Parkinson.  Do your duty as sworn by your oath.  WSUP.  Does our GOV hate children, their mothers (all 300 or so that are concerned), the Kansas and United States Constitution, and all laws derived thereof?  Why? 

And I did a heck of a  lot more than merely this important task.  Hence, why I dislike Mondays.  Plus there is no Superbowl today. Thank God.  He helped the Saints win last night.  Either that, or God punished Manning and the Colts. (Maybe they are sinners just like Nick Jordan).

God also may have also been unhappy with the Colts. God is sometimes mysterious. However, always praise God first, ask him for help.  Then, sometimes, ask the Saints for some help. Seems they listen too, while noting GOV Parkinson does not.  

I wonder what Yoder, Jordan, Lightner, Gilyeat, and all the rest of these congressional candidates did for us Kansans today?  Beats me.  They will not tell us.  Which tells us all, we probably should not vote for them, either.  God and Jesus are not voting for them.  Ask them.  I am pretty certain they both would vote for Scherer.  


Sunday, Feb. 7: From recent and past conservations with some parents having to deal with various state and county entities of government, it would appear it may be time for a new coalition to ensure our children and teenagers in Kansas have restored to them and you, as their parent, these children and teenagers constitutionally guarenteed rights to procedural and due process of law.

 It appears the state of Kansas, SRS, a state agency and some state district court judges have decided children and teenagers are treated as objects instead of being afforded their guarenteed constitutional rights. I have heard this for several years now horror stories of how the state treats some of our parents here in Kansas. 

Generally, as a candidate for United States Congress, I try to stay focused on national issues.  But, as a candidate for United States Congress, how can I ignore pleas for help from Kansas parents related to how horrible they are being treated by the state of Kansas entities?

I cannot sit by idly much longer on this issue.  I highly suggest parents that are treated horribly by the state of Kansas related to their children being deprived of their constitutionally  protected rights contact me.  I will do my very best to help in the formation of a coalition of many of us that will restore to parents and their children, substantive and procedural due process rights when dealing with these state entities. 

Defining a coalition:

1. An alliance, especially a temporary one, of people, factions, parties, or nations.

2. A combination into one body; a union.

In Kansas, we have a hog gone wild, run amok  juvenile court system.  Some parents that have contacted me, report horror stories in dealing with this juvenile justice system.  Those whom have contacted me are located in various cities in Johnson County, Kansas.  And I would assume this horrible situation is being repeated all across various counties in Kansas. 

So, regardless of the congressional race outcome, let all of us join together in stopping some of this nonsense by state entities that want to suspend and take away children of Kansas parents by a denial of basic constitutionally protected rights. 

Most of you know my digits.  Call me at 913 403 8584.  Or alternatively and preferred at 239 676 9843.  OR cntact me via email at  The intial target or enenmy of our basic constitutional rights of some of us parents is a state district judge that works for Johnson County, Kansas. 

It would appear there is a grass roots effort of around 300 parents that want to get rid of this judge. It would appear there is this particular juvenile judge that hates the United States and Kansas Constitution as well as parents and their children.  Aparenetly, she thinks the state should control and dictate what Kansan children should do or not do

And in Kansas, we do not fear state district judges.  As long as judges do their jobs, we give them respect.  When they fail, we do our duty and make certain they do what they promised by their respective oaths as attorneys and judges. 

We are proud Kansans.  We do not live in fear.   Judges, just like congressman are merely here to do what we, the people tell them their job is.  If they do not, we fire them. 

From what I have heard, apparently, this one judge treats parents and their children like they are cattle instead of human beings afforded constitutional and statutory protection.  If the allegations are indeed true, then you parents contacted the right person, me. Why other yahoo politicians have temporary deafness on this issue, boggles my mind. 

As I stated, I am hear to listen and understand.  Then, I am going to do my best to take of your business. Together united, we can be like a pride of lions and roar for children together. Humbly, I cannot do this issue alone.  I assure you if my son or daugther had been deprived of constituional rights by some judge, I would taken swift action against the state and that individual.

So, one weakness, I do not have standing to file a lawsuit here.  Therefore, I am going to have to be humble and ask for help.  I promise in turn, I will do whatever I can.  Just remember, I am just one person, a human being with many things going on presently. 

What else would you expect a congressional candidate like Scherer to do whenever any person is deprived of their constitutional rights?  Scherer is listening.  Is that not what my job is as a congressional candidate  Does that not define the word "representative"?  Act, instead of talk.  Let us unite in a coaliton ASAP so we can ensure the various entites in Kansas remember, we the people are in charge of the government.  And the entities of Kansas government need to be reminded about this.

 Children are the responsibilty of the parent-not the property of the state of Kansas. Very seldom should the state ever take custody of a child of a Kansan-that should be an exception based on a very bright line.  We should  never forget that.  Not on my watch.

So help me God. 


Footnote: When I use the term "kids" that means a person that has not reached the age of majority.  18.  So, this includes children and teenagers.  I hope most of you are like me.  I like the kids and teenagers.  For they need a congressman also.  For our children represent our future.  So, it is preferred we treat them as we want to be treated ourselves.  As intelligent individuals that have every right to be here.  Just like us. Once again referring to Desidera, we are all merely children of the universe.  Right?  We all  have a right to be here.

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