Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today's Statement on why I am the best candidate for United States Congress: Depth and the Ability to Listen, Understand, Take Action and Solve Problems with Effective Solutions Now; not post-election like the rest of the yahoos

Ok.  It is another day to campaign.  No rest for this better candidate for United States Congress.  Here is a link to blog I participate in.  While noting I participate in quite a few blogs because I believe to get your vote,

I have to clearly explain in as many forums as possible, that I care about all of you.  But, instead of reposting my postion I have determined by active listening (my position related to businesses), I am just sticking in the link to this group.

Second, why are the other candidates not communicating with you, the voters.  Well I believe they do not have the depth, the courage or want you to know what they will do for you, if they are elected instead of me.  When you state your position on a issue, it can and sometimes is divisive.  Especially if someone gives inferrences to what you write.  For example, I have been in communication with Warren Buffet related to wanting him to spend his billions in building a high speed bullet train system for good reason. 

So you, the federal tax payer do not have to pay for private industries crap.  Why should we, the people pay for the reindustrialization of America?  I do not think we should.  Look how that worked out bailing out all the bankers, insurers, and crappy General Motors?  Where is our dividiend check on our investment?  Where is our stock certificates?  Why is the federal government not giving us directly that money from the investment of our tax dollars? Now want smart person took to me to task because Warren Buffet has companies doing business in China, so he must be bad.  So, I agree.  Warren, stop investing in cheap labor in China. 

Anyway, I am tired.  I am going to relax today and stay focused on relaxing and enjoying the day.  So in ending, I get it.  I understand why so many of yo noting that as the energizer bunny, I reallly am human.  However, before I go I understand and know you are really, really, ticked off at all  these corrupt yahoos in Washington.  For most certainly, so am I. 

I merely wonder what took most of you so long, to do something about it. So clearly, Scherer gets it.  Scherer has been "getting it" for years now. I am proud to mention I am one of the charter members of Ross Perot's political organization, the Reform Party.  And so clearly, I have been doing stuff since at least 1994 for all of you.

Finally, I got the order yesterday on why the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals is a horrible and an unconstitutional court of law; not affording to the homeowers of Kansas, the required equal protection of the law. Even the Chief Justice agreed.  I will write about that later. 



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