Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama is hitting a home run speech.

I don't how many are catching this live speech by Obama.  But he is giving one of his  best speeches ever.  In Nashua, New Hampshire.  Good job, Mr. President. 

I am sure you regret wasting that trillions dollars last year in taking care of corporate America and all those whiny state governors.  But today, I am giving you a A+ for today's speech on several points:

1. We need to build and lay the foundation for the 21st Century by bringing jobs back to America.

2. Education is important to our nation.

3. We need to develop and be innovative regardling energy policy. . . . and the nation that leads energy production will lead the world in the 21st Century.

4, Health insurance companies greed is a huge obstacle to health care for all. (So why did he have that secret meeting with the drug and insurance companies in Feb. 2009)? 

I concur.

Now if he would quit rambling, he might have been given credit for a great speech.  So quit talking.  Take action. 


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