Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scherer has big ones; He will take on anyone to fight for you!

Either I am the dumbest congressional candidate ever, or alernatively, I am not.  Having all this courarge, I will take on the establishment.  Now from my perspective, someone better.  These yahoo politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government love me equally. 

I will take on any of these yahoos or horrible entites, without reservation.  Is that not how most of us define having big ones? 

I still love people.  It is just these horrible yahoos that have ruined a bunch of stuff in America and in Kansas, because they are the elite. They hate the United States Constitution, and all laws derived therefrom. 

I don't.  I like the United States Constitution as written.  The founding fathers were right and way too many of these yahoos and the agencies they run, keep forgetting a fundamental part of the preamble, way too much. Quite simply:


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