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Better and more detailed analysis of Year End FEC Reports

The media does not do a very detailed analysis of campaign finance reports.  So let me help them and you, the voter do that analysis for all of us. Further, the media seems to have this impression that the more money in the campaign, the more support a candidate has.  I beg to differ. 

The more money, the more likely the candidate is corrupted by special interest groups.  I already notice in some of the rookie candidates significant errors and the failure to properly report what is required by Federal Election Laws. Stay tuned because this anaylsis is going to be detailed and performed in real time.  So, come back and come back often as this analysis is updated as time allows.  This will be a substantial paper or blog post. 

For example, the Johnson County Republican Party offered subsidized office space to favored candidates Lightner and Rysavy.  Per the Federal Election Commission, the fair market value is required to reported.  Instead, these two candidates only report on their year-end report, the actual amount paid. 

This runs afoul of the Federal Election Commission requirements.  This also indicates unlawful bias by the Johnson County Republican Party since they did not treat the congressional candidates fairly.  For example, Ronnie Metsket, Chair did not extend the same offer to all filed congressional candidates. Both Scherer and Gilyeat, both whom are veterans with disabilities were not offered the subsidized space by the Johnson County Republican Party officers. 

Moreover, I will do my best to deal with reality.  Unlike the local media that is pro-business due to it's sources of revenue.  So, I do not trust the media because they too have a bias when it comes to elections.  So, if you are one of the few that actually read the Kansas City Red Star, Johnson County Sun, the new Kansas City Kansan or the Lawrence Joural Herald, merely remember these sources have a bias in federal elections and often do not do a very in-depth job of being factual, correct or do much in depth.

 It seems the media has really gotten lazy in their reporting.  Most of them now do all their investigative work relying on the Internet.  Remember when the media used to actually get up and leave their desk.  Well . . . that was decades ago.  The media has gotten progressive worse with advances in technology.  Basically, lazy.  So do not trust the media to be fair or accurate in their reports. Instead, trust the bloggers. Some may have an obvious bias, but there are a lot of them doing a better job of accurate reporting than the media. 

Plus, another factor in favor of the bloggers is they are not motivated by economic profit.  Most do not derive revenue from advertising like the typical media.  So, at least for me, the bloggers are the new source of accurate and unbiased media in America.  So to my fellow bloggers, thanks. And take that as a compliment.  I even compliment a couple of you bloggers that are trying to trash my reputation. 

Furthermore, this analysis will look at the following:

1.  Total contributions including the sources of those funds

2.  Total expenditures by the candidates which indicates the ability to manage effectively, limited resource and tells us how effective a candidate is making choices on how to allocate those limited dollars.

3.  Campaign irregularities noted for each candidate. 

Nick Jordan(R) : Overall: Supprt for  Jordan appears to be fading.  He is never around, nor actively campaigning.  Most do not where he stands on issues because he apparently wants to stay low profile and only appears publically when he is cutting a deal with Senators Brownback and Roberts.  He is unknown and not trusted in Wyandotte and Douglas County.  Some GOP voters in Johnson County do not like either. 

For example, Paul Showen, his primary challenger took 24% of the vote against Jordan.  And that is considering Mr. Showen did not have the support of Dick "Satan" Cheney or any funds to campaign with.  So, there are a lot of anti-Jordan faction even in Johnson County.  This makes Nick divisive within GOP party ranks along the labels of conversative vs. moderate JOCO Republicans.  . 

Appears Nick does not care about these voters and is only focused on Johnson County.  Jordan refuses to sign the Bellis-Scherer-Showen Pact suggesting he hates God and therefore, has no Christian moral and ethical analytical framework to guide his decision-making process if he somehow was elected to be your congressman. 

 Issues Nick apparently is only focused on his winning the election.  Issues he has worked on in the past, today and going forward: Unknown.

Year-end Report related to Campaign Funds: Reports $117, 137.27 on line 8 of his FEC report.  Major sources of cash: special interes groups, Kansas GOP HQ and Senators Brownback and Roberts in a secret meeting in Topeka, Kansas in December, 2009.. Campaign expenditures

My impression of this candidate: Coward and opportunist, Afraid to run against Dennnis Moore unlike Rysavy, Gilyeat, Lightner and Scherer. Jordan will not prevail because he does not campaign unless he gets a check.  Likes Dick "Satan" Cheney, his major source of campaign funds in 2008 election cycle.  Jordan lost to Dennis Moore in the 2008 election, probably because he forgot to campaign.  In January, 2008 Jordan called Mr. Scherer (a fellow GOP candidate) the "enemy:".  Communication skills, F.  Chances of winning the GOP Primary, Slim to none. I am expecting Jordan to drop out before the primary election.   . 

Kevin Yoder(R): Overall, Yoder is merely another opportunist.  He also would not file unlike the first four filers. Yoder refused to run until Moore announced his retirement.  Relatively young, so for that,, we give him one point.  Weak communication skills. Refuses to return phone calls.  Self-obsessed with his stature.  I would not vote for this person due to a failure to communicate. Grade. F.  Also refuses to join Bellis-Scherer-Showen Pact.  Must hate Jesus, working cooperatively and in mutual respect.  Selfish.  Self-centered.

Issues: Unknown.  Maybe he will tell us someday.  I especially want to know his position on the Fair Tax bill.  As well as where he stands on other issues.  Experience running for United States Congress-none, a rookie congressional candidate.

Year-end Report related to Campaign Funds: $233, 595.24.  Major contributors: Special interest groups. Which makes me wonder whose pockeet is Yoder in?  Which require a further update into his sources of funds on his 78 page FEC report.  More on this later.  It is also important to note how much a congressional candidate invests in his own campaign.  If a candidate is willing to use their own funds, then they are confident enough to invest theiir own funds. 

Mr. Yoder's level of confidence.  13 dollars.  He clearly is lacking the confidence to put his money into his own campaign.  Instead, he is relying on OPM.  Other people's money.  Which also requires quid pro quu.  This for that.  Corruption.  If I were Yoder, I would not invest in Yoder either;.  For clearly, he is wheeling and dealing with special interest groups that typcially are contrary to the individual.  I am not voting for Yoder nor should you. 

My impression of this candidate: I actually like Mr. Yoder as a candidate for 2012.  He has a good record as a state legislator in apparently being a fiscal conservative  However, if Yoder refuses to communicate, he is weak and needs to improve his communication skills.  If any candidate refuses to communicate now, he would do the same after the election.  How he supposed to be your representative if he will not communicatge. It appears most of the GOP party has suddenly switched from supporting Jordan to now supporting Yoder. Which causes me concern he might be cutting deals with insiders and special interest groups contrary to you, the individual voter.

Patrica Lightner (R): Patrica had the courage to file before Moore annnounced his retirement.  She gets a A+ for courage.  She is a good communicator giving regular updates via email and on her congressional web site.  She has a bias in her professional position and may be running to beneift her employer, which I see as weakness.  She is a government liason for HSBC Bank.  She is attorney-at-law which might seen by some of a problem.  For certainly, we have too many attorneys in Washington D.C. from my and many voters perspectives.

 Lightner refuses to sign the Bellis-Scherer-Showen Pact suggesting he hates God and therefore, has no Christian moral and ethical analytical framework to guide his decision-making process if he somehow was elected to be your congressman.  Due to the Brownback-Roberts conspiracy to support Jordan, Lightner has every right to be upset by this.  She was doing very well in the congressional race, until she was slighted by Senators Brownback and Roberts secret meeting in Topeka where they announced they wanted Jordan to be your congressman. I find this outrageous that two United States Senators would try to influence a federal election circumventing the right of you, the voter to decide who should be your next congressman.  I like Patrica, yet on her congressional website, for writes in vague ambigous concepts about liberty conceptually, but does not get into any specifics related to how this translates practically.  So, her rhetoric is great but she is lacking specifity to warrant you giving her your vote. 

John Rysavy(R):  Rysavy had the courage to file before Moore annnounced his retirement. He gets an A+ for courage.  Rysavy is very good public speaker.  Well groomed.  However, refuses to sign the Bellis-Scherer-Showen Pact suggesting he hates God and therefore, has no Christian moral and ethical analytical framework to guide his decision-making process if he somehow was elected to be your congressman.  He gets an F for this.  He is also weak in never having campaigned for United States Congress making him and several of the other candidates rookie congressional candidates. With some improvements and experience is a  shining star within the GOP Party. 

Daniel Gilyeat(R): Gilyeat had the courage to file before Moore annnounced his retirement  For that, he gets an A+.  Further, Mr. Gilyeat is a United States Marine.  Which tells us he has moral character and things like honor, dignity and self-respect for himself and others are important.  I like Mr. Gilyeat.  However, he is a rookie congressional candidate.  Sometimes, he shows disregard for the law of this country wearing his military uniform which he is not supposed to do except on those ocassions the law allows the wearing of the miltiary uniform.  Although he looks great in his uniform.  I like Mr. Gilyeat and offered to help him in his campaign.  He has not taken advantage of that opportunity. 

He has the potential to be a shining star in the GOP party.  He merely needs some assistance and experience and will make a fine United States Congressman someday.  He is honest and sincere.  He is well liked by the public.  He has leadership skills..  Another A+.

 It would help Mr. Gilyeat in his political aspirations to be listen and be more trusting and humble.  He will get better at it would help Mr. Gilyeat to be more trusting of others; as well as obtain better advisors related to his congressional  campaign. Mr. Gilyeat has made some minor errors as a rookie candidate, but his public perception based on his moral character makes him appealing to many voters.

His public support for H.R. 25, the Fair Tax was a huge and fatal mistake to his campaign.  (As well as Lightner and Rysavy).  He does have funds to suppport a congressional campaign which is problematic.  Wiith time, he will make an outstanding candidate.  He is a motivational speaker and frequently gives motivational speeches to veterans suffering from disabilties such as his own.  For that, I give him an A+ also. 

Paul Showen(R): Paul and I have established a cooperative relationship.  Paul and I are also good friends and communicate often. For this, Paul gets an A+.  Paul is a very religious person.  He is a co-author of the Bellis-Showen-Scherer Pact.  Paul is an outstanding teacher based on his devotion to his religious faith.  Paul is an experienced congressional candidate having run for United States Congress is 2006, 2008 and now again in 2010. 

Paul  helps lots of veterans at ther Kansas City VA Hospital.  Paul also has earned a Black Belt in the martial arts.  Paul like Scherer and Gilyeat is a honorably discharged United States veteran, with service connected disabilties.  Paul, like Gilyeat and Scherer have all overcome their own disabilities.  Enough so, they all believe that makes them compassionate and understanding of those that have to overcome their own disabilities and the discrimination all people with disabilities have to deal with. 

Paul's weaknesses are limitations in public speaking.  To address this weakness, Paul participates actively in Toastmasters on a regular basis.  Paul is almost limited in his depth of some issues do to constraints on his time.  He supprts a tithe tax of 10%, yet even if this were approved, would not adequately fund the operation of this massive federal budget.

If Paul improves his communication skills and does better research related to congressional issues, based on devotion to being a Christian, he has the potential to help even more people than he already has.   Paul inspires me to some extent.  I trust Paul and he is a good friend.  Paul tried to get Jordan and I to resolve our differences.  To which Jordan refused to do.  Further explaining why  Jordan should be elected to anything.  Jordan only cares about himself. 

Joe Bellis (L): Joe is an experienced congressional candidate.  He has a web site stating he is a candidate for United States Congress.  Joe more than likely has the capacity to understand and appreciate Ron Paul.  Good.  Another point.  Joe is not happy with the media that continues to ignore factually, he is running for United States Congress.  I concur.  The local media bias is apparent as they continously try to influence the outcome of this congressional election.  By intentional, willful and knowing omission. Which in fact, may be a violation of federal laws based on the Telecommunications Act of 1934. 

Mr. Bellis has agreed to participate in the Bellis-Scherer-Shownen Pact.  He gets an A+ for that.  He gets an A+ for cooperation regardless of party affiliation. 

 Kathyrn O'Hara: Who is this person?.  Never heard of her until recent articles in the press.  Why did she file earlier?  I think that is Steve Rose trying to find any candidate that thinks is a wise person.  I do not Steve Rose is very wise person, like most readers of his drivel published in the Johnson County Sun newspaper chain. 

Steve Rose: What can I say about this guy.  I have nothing positive to state about Mr. Rose.  Other than note he thinks he is an intellectual.  Most of us disagree.  All he does is write a bunch of whimsical nonsense that infuriates most intelligent people in Johnson County. 

Mr. Rose is stil a candidate for United States Congress.  He claims to be a republican which makes most of us laugh a lot.  He has heavily supported Dennis Moore and endorsed him for years.  Rose ran an active campaign to be your congressman for a grand total of nine days.  And then, when most of us were rofl about this, he decided due to some fabricated excuse to quit his campaign when there very little support for his ill-thought campaign. 

He is a biased, democrat that should not be allowed to write much of anything in any publication.  Unless by allowing so, is to further convince us why he is not a very good writer.  Which most of us will agree.  The owner of the paper, and many other newspapers is David Bradley.  Mr. Bradley is a fine individual.  I would presume he regrets his contratual obligation that merely requires him to allow Steve Rose to continue to write his liberal rants in some of his newspapers.  I am certain Mr. Bradley will be glad when Rose stops having the ability to write in any paper owned by Mr.  Bradley. 

Until such time as the Federal Election Commission accepts Mr. Rose's termination report, Mr. Rose is barred by federal law from using his privlidges with any newspaper to attempt to bias the outcome of that federal election.  See once again, the Telecommunications Act of 1934.  Mr. Rose apparently does not feel compelled to comply with the law some of the time.  We give Rose a F on all counts.  Even Jesus would not vote for Steve Rose. 

Democrats cannot find anyone to be the sacrifical lamb:  Rumors continue to circulate maybe Joe Reardon, maybe Carol Marinivich, maybe Larry Gates.  Will a brave democrat actually file so we can all beat the heck out of them come November.  Mike Slattery wisely said no.  Moore is retiring, which makes most of us happy. 

So, where is the Dem Candidate, Larry?  I blame Larry Gates, Sebelius and Moore for failure to lead and develop "a new generation of leadership" within the Kansas Democratic Party.  Hence, the major reason I left this party and joined the friendly, more advanced GOP party.  Let us face some reality.  The Kansas Democratic Party is in world of trouble due to a failure have effective leadership. Who is responsible? 

Well . . . Larry Gates. Kansas Democratic Executive Director.  So everyone in the Kansas GOP should thank Larry Gates for his miserable lack of leadership.  Heck, I am thanking Larry Gates for doing a very bad job ensuring federally, this election cycle, it will be a clean sweep by the GOP party leaving no Democrat in either the Senate or House of representatives.  And it not looking very good at the state level either. 

Everyone else that lives in the 3rd District stating they might run:

Our favorite, the best candidate for Congress based on several factors: Thomas E. Scherer

1. Scherer is earning your  vote.
2. Scherer publishes here what he has determined the consensus of the voters are.
3. Scherer is fighting for your rights now, not after getting elected.
For example, Scherer is challenging Feb. 12, your right to restore your ability to have a tax appeal in your local state district court; a right derived by horrible legislation by a terrible and unconstitutional bill named Substitute for  H.R. 2018.
4. Scherer does not support H.R. 25 at the federal level, aka, the "Fair Tax" like some of the other rookie candidates.  Scherer does not support the idea contained in this sponsored legislation that thinks it is ok to tax parents and college students a huge consumption tax for a free and accessible public education. 
5. Several other important issues he is supporting based on feedback from that voters that will benefit you, the individual, or alternatively, we the people collectively. 

Campaign Funds: First, Scherer had more in the campaign funds than all the other GOP candidates combined.  The media made a big deal

What are the other candidates doing for you, today, right now?  Like Mr. Scherer is?  How are these others earning your vote, other than talking rhetorically a lot? 

We cannot omit mention of the Kansas Republican Party either.  The Kansas GOP Party is currently under investigation by both the Federal Election Commission and by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Not to mention the recently reported changes at Kansas GOP HQ.  So, both leading parties in Kansas are in kind of a mess due to all the corruption. 

Further, the original four filed Congressional candidates, (Scherer, Lightner, Rysavy, and Gilyeat) are not real happy about this Brownback-Roberts-Jordan conspiracy including the secret  meeting in Topeka recently.  I wrote about this secret meeting in prior posts.  It appears to this candidate that Senators Brownback and Roberts want to pick who is going to be the next 3rd District Congressman for you, the voter.  I do not like this kind of monkey business for it is tainted with corruption, back room deals, and is going to cause some backlash in the Kansas GOP ranks.

 Now if I were a voter, I would not be happy about all this scheming within GOP ranks.  And most of it appears to be happening or coordinated by Senator Sam Brownback, the dude who wants to be elected our Kansas Governor.  I do not support Brownback for Governor.  For good reason.  This conspiracy has ticked off all four of  us filed GOP congressional candidates for excluding us from this secret meeting in Topeka, Kansas. 

Way to go Sam.  Not to mention Ron Thornburgh, Kansas Secretary of State had been campaigning for Kansas Governor for a long time, until you came in and destoyed his campaign by your filing and division within party ranks.  I like the job Ron has been doing as Kansas Secretary of State.  This is one of the few state agencies in Kansas that actually has a good leader.  Ron would have made a very good GOV.  Nor would Ron have ticked off four filed congressional candidates that had the forethought, the courage  and the leadership to run against any dem congressional candidate, including the incumbent congressman, Moore.

While you are waiting for my updates to this post, check out this link:


If you want a link on what should be applied to the yahoo elected officials in Washington, check out this link regarding "house rules".  I merely wish the young child would also have stated keep your hands of my federal tax dollars as well. Stay tuned for "House rules" while I try to post the link.  Very funny.

PS: I just heard about Sarah Palin event in Wichita.  You betcha I am going to be there.  May 2, 2010.  I hope I get to meet Sarah, since more than likely, we will finally be getting a President that has the courage to demand Rahm, Obama's chief of staff resign, has more courage than most, is outspoken, homest and probably the next President of the United States.  Not to mention the first female to be finally elected to run this great nation of ours.  vote for Sarah for POTUS. We will. 


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