Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Solutions: Eliminate the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals

Here is a solution.  Eliminate the unconstitutional Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  Because it is redundant for one thing. Second, it is unconstitutional.  Third, it is horrible depravation of your right to appear before your own state district court.  Which is not that good of deal either considering those judges are all paid by the state of Kansas. 

So Saturday, I get an intelocutory order admitting this COTA has made no provision to comply with the Kansas Constitution.  I have repeatedly filed documents with this court stating let us go to the United States Supreme Court, like is supposed to happen.  Problem is state agencies hate the United States Supreme Court.  Which makes us, we the people kind of unhappy. 

Now the county attorney filed yesterday a concession wanting to admit it erred.  Well, big deal.  I already knew that.  The idea was for her to submit that, so the court could dismiss the case before I timely appealed the order Saturday.  A slam dunk.  Sorry, too late.  I also filed my notice of appeal yesterday to ensure that does not happen.  Surprise, COTA. 

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