Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another blue dog bites the dust: Time to Expand Scherer Blue Dog Kennel to make room for Blue Dog Puppy Yoder

What can I say about the announcement yesterday regarding another blue dog biting the dust?  Other than I could use some individual contributions for a rapid and necessary expansion of capital improvents because all these blue dogs keep showing up with their tails between their legs from all their depression and realization of what they did to our nation and state' as well as dragging their floppy ears they failed to hear us, we the people, into the Scherer Blue Dog Kennel. 

Blue Dog fever is an epidemic. It also might be a disability impairing blue dogs ability to  listen, hear and understand what we want them to do. 

Come here blue dog puppy!  I cannot rest until such time as that pack of blue dogs are no longer in charge of much of anything, other than their retirement(s).  I suggest we give them shock collars for retirement.  These yahoo dogs keep whining about the wrong things; while concurrently being experts at blaming someone else for their inability listen and understand us, the voters.  Give me a break, you blue dog. Grow up and stop being, and acting like a bad puppy. 

These blue dogs should be howling like us tea party patriots because of their past history of fiscal irresponsibity, to we, the people.  So not only are they lying dogs overridden with blue dog fever, they also are great at deniability of reality including the horrible fiscal mess they caused, or failed to prevent. So do not give these infected puppies any dog biscuits.

Time to expand the Scherer Blue Dog  Kennel.  To help in expanding this compound, send your contributions (individuals only), to Scherer for Your Congressman. ASAP.  The kennel is overflowing.  And we certainly do not want you horrible PACS or evil corporations corrupting this congressional committee, ever.  Our candidate is not for sale.

Corruption, no matter how rampant is not what we, the people of this nation expect or want.  We collectively are all tired of that kind of nosense.  If you want to get some quid pro quo, give your money to Kevin Yoder.  He will do anything to get elected. Except not invest his own money in his congressional campaign.  Except for a lousy 13 dollars. 

Naturally, if you are like me, you checked Yoder's FEC report. wondering if there was corruption. There is. I am sure you are like me and did your due diligence by also noting all the CEO's and attorneys from all over the United States buying his vote. Now why would any elector actually want more corruption from their congressman? Is that kind of nonsense what we have to endure the last eight years?  "Most certainly", they all said.

  "Why vote for Yoder when we have Scherer running,." they also said.  In order to get over 200k in less than eight days highly suggests more GOP National nonsense co-ordinating this kind of corruption.  I merely ask does anyone trust NRCC?  I don't.  They are as corrupt as Kevin Yoder.  They will do anything to keep Scherer from winning the congressional race.

We know Scherer is not corrupt.  He refuses to take contributions from CEO's and attorneys.  Scherer is the man we can trust.  He is qualified on national issues by taking action.  Scherer cannot be corrupt because he only has five dollars to report. Unlike Yoder, what has he done at the national level?  Beats us.  He will not tell anyone? 

We have no confidence in Mr. Yoder. Yoder  has absolutely no experience related to federal issues.  He is ok working for the Kansas legislature.  But clearly, Yoder is merely another blue dog puppy; just like these other yahoos intent on advocating for their interests, contrary to your interests as an individual.  More than likely, he should probably stay there.  Why?

Because Scherer is a lot better candidate for United States Congress than this corrupt yahoo. Scherer will fight like a bulldog for your rights. Yoder will merely whimper and dribble saliva on your ballot.  Do not feed Kevin Yoder.  He is still a blue dog puppy regardless of his rhetoric. 

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