Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on Kansas's Horrible Fusion Government: Rotten at COTA

Well, it was showtime.  Oral argument with the horrible and abominable Kansas Court of Tax Appeals yesterday.  Now, a "fusion government" is one where there is a breech, or alternatively a bridge to nowhere crossing over the the bright line test of a common tradition of having separation of the normal and typical three branches of government. 

Remember, the wisdom of keeping them separate.  Well, in Kansas, forget those simple fundamental concepts.  And who do we thank for this abomination of governance?  Our old friend, Kate Sebelius.  As well as Senator Tim Owens.

Naturally, Chief Justice Larkin was overly impressed with my brief challenging this alleged court of law as being unconstitutional.  Which it is.  Thank Senator Tim Owens for his horrible ideas creating a bridge to nowhere that breeches the seperation of powers including a simple thing called checks and balances.  Singlehandly, Owens decides to introduce a horrible piece of legislation called Substitute for H.B. 2018.  This piece of crap created in Kansas (naturally), a fusion type of government. 

Now what makes this unconstitutional and a horrible idea, is that this is not a court of law under the judicial branch.  Oh no!  That would have been too simple.

Further, had this been under the judicial branch, like it should have been, the GOV of Kansas could not be like a tyrannical despot.  This alleged court of law naturally comes under the direction of the chief executive officer of Kansas--our Governor.  So, great thinking.  Now, the GOV of Kansas has their very own court of law.  Creating a crossover bridge of that bright line called the separation of the three branches of government. 

The only rational reason for this must be the GOV of KS at the time, Sebelius wanted to attain the status of queen of Kansas and be a despicable tyrant.  By creating and having her own court, she could on a whim, control real estate property tax receipts. How convenient for her and how horrible for we, the people of Kansas.

This was also a great deal for the Kansas legislators whom do not want do what is required and actually fund state expenditures.  The legislators of Kansas are more focused on getting re-elected than they are in funding the expenditures as required of them by the Kansas Constitution.  Cowards.   

So instead of fulfilling their constitutional duties, our state legislators are dumping their responsibity to all 105 county governments.  So the county governments are forced by abandonment to scheme.  And their strategy, jack up property taxes using a real estate comparables nonsense inflating all of our real estate property taxes, way beyond any rational or irrational belief. 

This allows the state of Kansas to get your and my money.  That way, Kansas legislators can proclaim at election time, "hey, don't blame us-the counties raised your taxes, we did not.  We here in the Kansas legislature are too smart to do that."  Which reminds me of something important.  The difference between a yahoo politician as compared to being a stateman like Mr. Scherer. 

Moreover, this kind of an abomination scheme of creating a fusion government is something only an evil democrat that hates our Kansas Constitution could scheme up. Clearly, Kate hates both the United States and Kansas Constitution.

Further, to make this case even more interesting, I demanded a jury trial on facts. Like that is going to happen.  Which is the way it should be, if you like our Kansas Constitution and our corresponding Bill of Rights.  Obviously, Sebelius does not.  Good thing she got her Oz out of Kansas. Nor does Justice Larkin like juries. The havoc Kate left behind is now a fading memory of Kansas history.  And all we have to do is fix it.  So I will. 

More than likely, the only place I am going to get a fair and impartial judge on this, will be a docketing with the United States Supreme Court.  And with no insult meant, they are finally judges not on the payroll of the state of Kansas. However, out of respect we just call them justices instead. The United States Supreme Court justices are not going to care one iota about Kansas's crazy creation of a fusion government to rob the citizens of the state.  Instead, the United States Supreme Court justices should find a court of law under the executive to be a horrible idea.  Why?  Because it is.   

So, sooner or later, hopefully we will  go there soon enough.  So we can see if the United States Supreme Court justices will give us Kansans some justice by demolishing this bridge to nowhere-a fusion form of goverance-a/k/a an abomination. In closing, doing more than giving you, the voter rhetoric.  Earning your vote, one by one.

So help me God. 


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