Monday, February 15, 2010

Satan Cheney vs. Joe "gaffer" Biden: Which bulb shined brighter?

Satan, the gaffer and why we really miss the Big Gipper. 

Ok, yesterday it was the big showdown, kind of.  Satan vs. the Gaffer. 

Neither one are exactly the sharpest pencil in the stack.  Although somehow, both have been at one time, vice-president of the United States.  Naturally, Satan still likes waterboarding.  Which makes me wonder if that should be how our troops should be treated, if they are POW's.  Since whatever our policy is, should that not also apply bilaterally?  What a stupid thing for Satan to state. 

Now Satan did actually say a few things that I agree with.  I cannot believe I agree with Satan Cheney, but some I did. Those in GITMO should be tried by a military tribunal.  A really long time ago.  We do not need to give those alleged of war crimes constitutional protections or the Miranda rights. 

Our United States Constitution is for us, we the people, that are lawful and who have the right to protection of our United States Constitution.  It would be insane to state the Nazis, Japanese war criminals, and the Viet Cong have to be given their constitutional rights; despite the simple fact they are enemies and not citizens of our country. 

Now where Satan and Bush messed up, is not giving these alleged killers and enemies of our nation a quick military tribunal so we could hang or shoot them.  Had we done so, they would be dead and we would not have needed a horrible place called GITMO at all.  So, thanks for screwing this up. And thanks Barry, for not closing this GITMO place last year.  Merely another of your promises you broke.

Further, like I stated in a prior post, if we would have done that swiftly, and hung these people that wanted to, did and acutally caused or threatened to harm Americans, we would have sent a clear and loud message to the entire world.

MESS WITH U.S., we kill you.  If we had simply done this quickly and swiftly, we could have declared this stupid war on terrrorism over.  And  even better, declare we, the people won.  Don't mess with the United States. Or we hang or shoot you, whichever is quicker. Without reservation.

So let's hang these people and then try them. Some of that old style, swift and timely Kansas-like cowboy justice.  Where is Judge Roy Bean, now?  And let us stop pandering to these enemies that want to harm us.  Only in America would we get so liberal, would any yahoo want to give these evil people Miranda rights. 

This should equally apply to our unlawful immigrants, swift justice.  (But no hanging, merely deportation). There are solutions to GITMO (military tribunals), the war on terrorism (calling hangings) and unlawful immigration (swift deportation). It is called leadership.

What we do not currently have, is leadership with a spine.  So let us get one.  Clone Ronald Reagan.  He would know what to do with these situations.  So would that progressive socialist FDR.  "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."  And if we merely remember that, we will retrurn to being a strong nation. So what exactly are we Americans afraid of?  Liberals. 

So wake up sleeping giant.  Let us all return to being proud Americans, stop being wusses, try these evil people and proclaim loudly once again to the rest of the world:  Don't mess with U.S. 

Because if you do mess with us, you know what we, the people are going to do.  Swift justice.  And we call that, national security policy. And after we hang these evil people, let us have a huge parade and declare we won the war on terror.  Again. And in regard to immigration policy, if you are not here lawfully, get out.  And we, the people need to demand that and fix it. 

One fix I advocate is expand the right to deportation clear to the local municipal level.  Since ICE cannot adequately do this job. Tax the costs to the federal government that has failed to control unlawful immigration. And then, the federal government taxes the nation from where the unlawfuls reside.

And Bush and his fence-building was so stupid.  That did not work, nor will it. He was merely putting up a strawman. Taxing the costs to the foreign nation from where they came, will bring a swift end to unlawful immigration. Let the foreign nations build fences  So let us do that.  Expand jurisdiction and tax the foreign nation from where these unlawfuls came from.  And if they come back, over and over, hang them. 

Swift justice, without  reservation.  For that, swift justice is the American way.  Have we forgotten?  I for one, have not. Remember that thing called the right to a speedy trial.  Well, let us have one.  And then hang them.  Close GITMO and have a big parade celebrating our victory over this alleged war on terror.

Hence, why I remain the best candidate for United States Congress.


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