Friday, March 12, 2010

The Fifth Fable: Taming the beastmaster!

Once upon a time, around last week,  real close to the Twilight Zone: but way past the rainbow, was this country called Kansas.  This country called Kansas was about 1500 miles away from where I want to go crab fishing today, but unfortunately cannot because of a massive torrential rain storm down here in a better country called Florida.  And naturally Kansas used to be a very nice place until the beast moved in.

There is a natural tendency for any beast, or for that matter, a government whether that be in the Divided States of America, Kansas, Florida, Johnson or Lee county, Merriam or Estero, to keep spreading its tenacles reaching into our pockets for our money.  It is horrible.

This beast has more tenacles than trees growing in a forest.  If you cut off one tenacle, six or more grow back.  Pretty soon, we are all choked by the chains of big brother's tenacles controlled and directed by the beastmaster, or alternatively the yahoo and corrupt politicans at all levels of government. And even worse that corrupt and greased GOP people, there are those evil socialist or commie engineers that keep wanting to do a redistribution of your money to one of their special interest groups.

In Kansas, the beast keeps wanting to be fed.  For ever increasing ridiculus and silly projects.  In this country of Kansas, and all its counties and local municipalities, there were so many tenacles spread all over the place, many of the people said heck with this. 
"I don''t like this beast that keeps bugging me for all my money."

So naturally, the fortunate residents of Kansas left for Costa Rica, a different country that did not have such a cruel and absolutely insane beastmaster.  This caused a huge problem for the hungry beast.  The unfortunate remaining few had to pay more and more, Until there was no more money due to a total economic collaspe.  And the beast and beastmaster did not have anything to do either because there was no more money to eat.  So the beast moved to Costa Rica because it wanted fed some more.

So, the guiding moral principal to Fable No. 5 is merely kill the beastmaster come election time.  Because if one does not, the only friends you will have left, is the beast and his corrupt cronies, the beastmaster.  And just like family at X-Mas, the beast and his buddies never leave until you get out your ax and start whacking away at the overeaching tenacles of your brother in law reaching once again into your refrigerator.

Be wary.  The beast is getting a tad bit hungry.  Consider moving to Costa Rica.  Or anywhere else the beast is not found to have so many tenacles.


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