Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness-The Kansas Dem Party has gone mad! Open season for Demiwants

Thank God and Jesus.  It is March Madness Time.  Good.

The Kansas Demiwants certainly set the stage for madness at Washington Days this weekend by suggesting Moore's 3rd wife might be their choice for the 3rd District Congressional race. Or, was it his first or second wife?  Why not one of his girlfriends from D.C.?  Who knows, who cares?  So clearly, March Madness is not limited to merely basketball.

Just when we thought the dem socialist engineers could not get any crazier than a Nancy Pelosi, at least we have some great college basketball to divert our attention from all the fiscally irresponsible spending of your tax dollars, also. 

So, basically, I am going to enjoy March Madness.  And most of us native Kansans know which team is going to win the NCAA championship again.  And no, it is not Syracuse, Michigan or Duke.  Naturally, it should be KU again.  So this year, all of Kansans should really be upbeat about March Madness.

 Do not get March Madness confused with the abomination.  Because that is a real beast of government the Abomination has created with its tenacles reaching into your pockets for every nickel the beast can find.  But, do not worry.  We will fix whatever socialist engineering plan these zany demiwants cook up come election time.  Then, it will be our turn to shove things down their throats.  Like pink slips.  Then, those dem yahoo leaders will have November Madness looking for a real job post-election. For good reason . . .

For doing really stupid things like shoving a half-cooked health care bill down our throats.  Even some of the democrats are seeing the madness of dropping the nuclear option called reconcilation. Some of them are already seeing the scorecard and already are just saying no to this reconcilation vote.  Which they better or they will getting fired also.  So the only one the really believes there will be a reconcilation vote will actually have a mad chance of hell of being passed are Obama and Crazy Nancy. And these two yahoos are really just playing poitical grandstanding. 

They are merely looking for any excuse of blaming someone else for the failures of the Obama administration's ill health care plan.  Heck, it is making sick watching the dem majority waste so much on time on this fiasco. Here is a novel idea-focus on balancing the federal deficit a while.  That might be a good start.

Regardless, I am going to be taking a March Madness break.  Then come April, it is time for we the people to have April Madness at the National Mall on April 15. Further, around that time, it is once again that time to start pounding the streets and shaking the flesh of voters.  March Madness, St. Patrick's Day and then off to win the congressional seat.  So, March might be my last long recreational period before getting elected to be your better congressman. 

Finally, Kansas will actually have a congressman that likes the United States Constitution, fiscal conservatism, dislikes taxes and fiscal irresponsibility. Plus on top of that, a congressman that will fight for your rights; while still having some compassion and being a good listener to the voters with a plan of action, not rhetoric like the rest of the yahoos.  That Scherer dude-the better candidate for your United States Congress. 

In regard to earning your vote, I got the order from the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals docketing oral argument for four hours on April 30th.  This horrible court is a bridge across the bright line of separation of powers; and even worse, puts way too much power in the hands of the Kansas Governor by having her own court under the executive branch of Kansas Government.  Now if that does not scare you, you have little understanding on how important checks and balances are on Kansas's government. 

And that is just one of several concurrent projects that are on-going.  Another project regarding a meeting with the GOV of Kansas demonstrates he is a coward and refuses to give me a date for this meeting.

It is not good when the Kansas GOV has set  up her own little despotic little court.  Now, the good news is her is gone.  Thank God and Jesus again that Sebelius has gotten on her broom and flown out of Kansas.  Good.  Another obstructionist dem that likes abortion has bitten the dust and got her Oz out of Kansas. 

The dem socialst engineering party (Dems) are really getting desperate in wanting Moore's wife who has absolutely no qualifications to be the token sacrifical lamb in the 3rd District congressional race. So clearly Larry Gates, KS head social engineer has clearly lost his freaking mind. Does Larry blame his craziness on March Madness, or instead, is Larry just incompetent?  Or both?

Larry, what exactly are her qualifications to run for Congress?  Give me a break Larry.  Maybe if you had a clue on how to develop congressional candidates, the Kansas Dem Party would not be in such horrible shape.  It is not even fair to call it a "party".  There are so few viable dem candidates left, the election for United States Congress will be decided in the GOP primary.

If the Dems keep Moore's wife, whose sole qualification is her husband, what were these dems thinking? Desparation and frustration?  Obviously so.

 I know what I am thinking: I am rofllmao over this hasty decision. Let us be empathetic to the few demiwants left in Kansas.  For they too will need a good congressman.  But it will not be Moore's 1st, 2nd or 3rd wife.

Larry, for God's sake, retire.  Get someone that has a clue of what is going on to replace you. 

Finally, the final three months before the primary election are critical.  This is when all these years of studying the issues, getting a consensus of what the voters want, starts paying huge dividends.  Not just for me, but for you the voter.  Thank God and Jesus one of the candidates has done all that work to earn your vote.

In ending, enjoy March Madness.  And remember, the Kansas Dem Party started this madness.  I am going to ensure their madness gets committed around November election cycle..  Moreover, Rock Chalk, KU.  Another national championship is yours, again.  Good job.  At least some in Kansas, are not as crazy  as Larry Gates.

For those who are cynical and apathetic, and are so digusted with both the Demiwants and the GOP Party of NO, here is a link to the other March Madness starting March 16.  Good luck on your bracket picks.  Naturally, the odds of Kansans should be greatly enhanced because we all know KU is going to win the whole thing.  Others coming in second losing to KU should be Syracuse in the National Championship game.


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