Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh God, Barry is on TV again and clearly he did not take his medications, again, Give me a break, go have a smoke and stop smoking dope.

There goes the Obamanation again talking crazy.  He is on TV again promising all kinds of crazy crap that we cannot afford to pay for.  After 15 minutes, I am pretty certain what his craziness is suggesting should cost the number that comes after trillion.

What number is that?  A gatrillion.  Barry, we are broke as a nation. A new blog term: brokeassism.  Even demiwants can figure out what that new word means.  The only right thing Barry stated, that made rational sense was when he stated the time for talking about health care (abomination) is over, I agree.  So shut up about it.  Move on. Move on over to the medicine cabinet.

Go take your meds and then go to a 12 step program for shopoholics.  Come on Barry.  Just say it with me.  God, I admit I am out of out control AND powerless over controlling the federal budget.  Step 2.  Resign your crazy arse from allegedly having the requirements based on the US Constitution to lawfully be a Muslim POTUS from Kenya.

Merely repeat steps one and two until November, 2010.  Then  proceed to step 3.  Fire a bunch of advisors in your administration.  Especially Hillary and tax cheat Sebelius.  Because if you have been listening to those yahoos, even after hiding Rahm and Joe, the Gaffer, you are still going to be a lame duck POTUS until we can get rid of you.

You yahoos in Washington.  The elitist elected ones.  Go ahead and get rid of this dude.  For surely he is wasting a lot of my valuable TV time.  What do we call that?

Impeachment.  Or, in the alternative, consider having him committed.  Clearly, he is having another meglamania attack again.  What the heck is he smoking?  Maybe some crack?  Just put down the crack pipe down Barry; because your insanity is not working.

What are the liberal socialists going to pick next for POTUS.  Dave "I am rich, bioge" Chapelle?  Even Chapelle makess Obama look sane. Even Satan and Yoder look sane compared to the Obamanation.

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