Monday, March 8, 2010

Speculation: Who are the dem nuts really going to have slaughtered in the 3rd District Congressional Race?

Ok.  Most of us were rofl over speculation that one of Moore rhetoric's wives might be dumb enough to actually file to run for the socialist engineering party of Kansas.  Good one, Larry.  Once again, reestablishing a simple fact-if the KS Demiwants want to remain a viable party, they need to get rid of you, the head socialist engineer totally devoid of what is happening politically.  Larry, you have done more for the Kansas Republican Party, then even Kate Gilligan Sebelius could have.  Singlehandly, based on history and prior elections, you have clearly ruined any hope for leadership for several political cycles.

We should make you an honorary GOP person.  Except you would probably ruin our party this election cycle also.  So in reality, meaning an abscence of the demonstrated March madness coming out of the Demiwant big weekend, Moore or less, one of moore rhetoric's wives will really not be filing for the 3rd Congressional seat.  So, who is left, considering how thin the ranks are in the Kansas Demiwant Party?

There are a couple of people left, who are tricky and hedging.  Senator David Haley, extreme racist and there is soon to be gone, Mark Parkinson.  Go ahead and get one of those yahoos to file.  Your pick.  So we have someone we can really demonstrate come November, why instead, they both should have just retired. Because come post-election, they will have no other choice to do  so. soon to be gone Mark Parkinson.

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