Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Fable by the best candidate for United States Congress, what's his face: Manufacturing Social Consent

Once upon a time, long ago, around 1500 miles away, there was a nice country called Kansas. 

Dick Cameldork and Mary Tufu got married in the country of Kansas and were very fortunate to have two children, Bob and Lemming.  A wonderful little boy and girl. 

Now Bob and Lemming both went to the free and accessible public education school system in Kansas. And it merely cost their parents, the Borks a mere 2500 per child per year for this free public education in federal taxes. And the amount they had to pay in the real estate comparables nonsense tax scheme locally was no chump change tax either.  Now this was due to another evil and mean congressman named John Linder in another country called Pennysylvania.

Mr. Linder wanted to pull a joke on the people in his country.  So he wrote up this nightmarish tax proposal and gave it a clever name, the Fair Tax.  He gave it a number in 2003.  H.R. 25.  And then he ran all around many countries shouting, "hey, don't you want a fair tax?" And the people who felt overtaxed by this huge central government all yelled with glee, "why sure."  Boy, were they fooled. 

Maybe they should have read the joke legislation as written. But like as typical, most never read this horrible piece of crap called the regressive Fair Tax. They just assumed anything called a Fair Tax must be ok.  "How much worse could it get?"they all said.

To be continued when I feel like it.

Chapter 2. A horrible state agency SRS steals Lemming from the Cameldorks

Chapter 3.  Dick Cameldork is sent to state prison

Chapter 4.  King Sam Brokeback takes over as the Corruption King of Kansas, by appointing all his corrupt crony buddies .

Chapter 5.  Everyone in the country of Kansas, except Dick and Lemming, immigrate to a new country called Florida.

Chapter 6 Dick and Lemming commit suicide by falling over the clifff following King Sam jumping off of Brokeback Mountain.

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