Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why should I give a rat's arse about the people of Kansas?


Why should I spend an ungodly number of hours and money merely trying to make this country better? Including all those 700,000 people that reside in the 3rd Congressional District. 

Maybe it has something to do with learning that fighting for a cause greater than yourself makes one's heart grow bigger.  Maybe it has something to do with God and Jesus.  Maybe it is their fault.  Maybe it is because, why not?  How could I make better use of my time to help so many? 

Do I have to be elected to the United States Congress to change the nation?

Maybe not.

Now just because I am a native Kansan and really do love Kansas, does not mean I like the varied governments that want all my money with their overreaching tenacles trying to get into my back pocket.  We have way too many big government tyrannical despots running things. Too many huge governments that refuse to take care of our business.

Too many liberal socialists that merely want to redistribute economic wealth instead of the more preferred option of creating wealth instead of merely redistributing it. While concurrently, sending jobs all over the world and almost destroying our critical manufacturing capacity, insanely.  We are clearly in a huge mess and the current administration and their ideas are not the solution.

These big governments and the yahoo politicians that are only concerned about getting re-elected instead of focusing on what needs to be done to make things better for many. I suggest you keep your tenacles off this dude's arse. 

I am sick and tired of ever-expanding governments.  I am sick and tired of this horrible socialism that is taking over America.  I am sick and tired of all the rhetoric all of us keep hearing about lower taxes, quality education,  equal protection of the law, economic prosperity, hope and change, and all the other slogans we are inundated with by the local and national socialist media.

I am inspired by the tea party patriots.  These people are finally waking up to what I have been advocating for since 1994.  My God, it is about time Americans including Kansans woke up to what is happening locally and nationally.  Thank God, sleeping beauty has woken up.  After almost 100 years of creeping progressive socialism, the proverbial  Dopey and Sleepy have arisen.  The Sleeping Giant.  Good.

Maybe that is why I want to be a congressman.  I am tired of the corruption, rhetorical politicans that are greased and elected by special interest groups and the rich.  "Yes, Billy, you too can buy a congressman named Satan Jordan or Kevin Yoder."  For merely a couple hundred thousand dollars. 

And will the return on our greased contribution be worth it?  Quoting Sarah Palin, hopefully the next POTUS, "you betcha".  So, to all you rich bastards out there, buy a congressman or two.  If you are really rich, throw in a Kansas Senator.  Why the Koch brothers do not simply buy a few, mystifies me. 

But whatever you do, do not buy Scherer.  He is not for sale.  You want to a buy a congressman?  Call Kevin Yoder.  He will do anything to get elected, except invest his own money in his own congressional campaign.  He wants corruption and greasing now, so it can merely continue so he can merely funnel our money back to his contributors.

I highly suggest to you patriots, if you, kinda of like me, merely want to change a nation, return to our United States Constitution, stop both the beast and the beastmasters that want all your money, you might want to change how you decide whom you are going to vote for come this election cycle. And ignore all that garbage written by the evil Red Star and JOCO Sun. 

These two sources of media hate you, but try to con you whom to vote for without any regard to a yahoo politican's lack of being honest with you the voter , of why they want you to vote for them.  Do not fooled again. Your plan is clearly not working.  Look at what is happened to our nation based on the way people are voting.  It is insane. 

Alternatively, if you do not, expect more of the same.  Go ahead and listen to the socialist media spin of the Kansas City Red Star and all that crap Steve Rose writes. Surely, these for profit organizations are not concerned about their own economic survival threatened by all of us liberty minded bloggers. 

And how is that voting you have been doing in the past going?

Do you have any regrets that Scherer was not elected before 2010? 

We do.  And we do not like having to live with regrets.


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