Monday, March 1, 2010

Just imagine if our National Capitol was located in Kansas

On one hand, every once in a while, a person will make the suggestion we should move the National Capitol from Washington to Kansas.  Which is really not that bad an idea. Moving the National Capitol to the Heartland might be a good thing. Considering how long it has been in DC, how much worse can it get?  Can it really get worse. 

"Yes it can."  The new slogan for the dem socialist engineers. 

For one thing, getting away from all those east coast yahoos might be good idea.  Another factor, the work ethic, the morality and the love of political debate is one of the good things I love about my native home state and Kansans.

On the other hand, it would be bad for Kansas if we moved the National Capitol to Kansas.  For good reason.  We would have all this corruption, political yahoos, con artists, liars, grafters, lobbyists, and the very worst humans on the planet earth moving here to Kansas. 

Based on the second hand, let us move the National Capitol to the enemy of Kansas, Missouri.  They deserve that.

Rock Chalk.

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