Saturday, March 6, 2010

The 4th Fable: Albert Eistein was a relatively big dummy-the irresistible theory of political relativity.

Once upon a time relatively, there was a village idiot named Albert Einstein.  But do not get him confused with his brother, Frank N. Stein or the village idiot of Texas.  Naturally in political theory, we are all merely looking to hire someone for a job--to be our congressman.  This is not quantum physics we are dealing with.  We merely are looking for someone, moore or less that can listen, understand and take action.  Kind of like what's his face-that Scherer dude.

Now this Einstein guy was reallly a pretty strange dude.  And the only smart thing he ever did was wear the same suit everyday and not get a haircut.  Merely so he did have to figure out what to wear to work everyday.  Both of which gave him an unusual appearance.  Now Einstein could not get a job normally like the rest of the people.  So instead, he would write crazy stuff down that no one understood what he was talking about. 

So, all over the world, they stated he was a genius because no one had a clue what he was talking about. Paricularily after watching some TV show rerun like Star Trek or something similar.  Or watching the dem nuts campaign slogan on TV, "Money for Nothing, Chicks are Free, I want my Gold Standard taken off MTV" by my correction, Dire Straits; not Huey Lewis and the liberal commies at CNN media group, as I posted earlier.

 Now Einsten was really a big dummy when he decided to write  a math formula titled:

Theory of Irresistible Political Relativity. 

Basically, the formula went like this: E=MCHammer Time Squared. 

Now E allegedly stood for Corrupt Political Energy.  M naturally was the symbol for the masses of lemmings.  C stood for both corrupt PACs and Special Interest Corrupt dollars for quid pro quo, to merely in turn be used in a political campaign. And Einstein merely squared it, so people that were rotten with math and did not understand squares, would really be confused.   

Some in error, think C naturally stood for the speed of light. Which is about 48 miles an hour.  Merely get a flashlight and you too can determine this simple thing factually.  Now Hammer was naturally a person that wrote a famous song used by a really good congressional candidate named Scherer. 

Scherer kept writing how it was "hammer time".  And how he was going to "hammer" all the other corrupt and rhetorical congressional candidates wanting to be congressman too.  For good reason.  None of the other momma's homeboy candidates would ever discuss issues, or do much of anything to warrant anyone in their right mind to vote for them. 

So the moral of this fable is, when it comes time to vote, do not be square.  Just remember, it is hammer time, homeboy.  Yodeling Yoder and Nick Satan Jordan, you can't touch this:

Because naturally at election time, Scherer is also so fine and simply irresistable (Merely refer to the song most of us are thankful for by Robert Palmer).

Rock on.


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