Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Mary Pilcher Cooke HCR 2615 Resolution: Political Theatre and Grandstanding

Finally, someone else likes the 10th Amendment.  Just like I argued in my petition for a writ to the United States Supreme Court that got judicial review by all the justices at SCOTUS.  Why?  Because the supreme court justices like me.  I like them some of the time.

But what Cooke cannot ever explain to anyone, since she hates to communicate with anyone but herself, and her dumb blog pushes, is how do does your SCR get around the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution Mrs. Cooke?

Ask her.  She has no clue.  Had this horrible communicator engaged in communication, I might have helped her.  But I cannot. Her ego is too big to hear much of anything.  Either that, or she is lazy. Knowing her, I am pretty certain it is her ego.

Now people far wiser than Mary I talked to in Florida actually had an argument to the supremacy clause.  Which is better than Mary Pilcher who has refused to respond to me many times whenever I email her.  She is clearly grandstanding and engaging in political theatre.  Mary clearly has no clue or depth of understanding of what she introduces. 

She is no Constitutional rocket scientist and in regard to her grade as a communicator, I give her a big fat F for failure to communicate.  Way to go Mary. Keep communicating with yourself.  It was also only about you and your political posturing.  I see your lack of depth and unwillingness to communicate with the people. 

Now I like the 10th Amendment.  Get the 10th Amendment to run for Mary Pilcher Cooke's job.  The  Tenth Amendment might actually respond to my emails.  Unlike this lady who give me no respect. 

Bad Mary Pilcher Cooke.  And who is the heck gives their kid a middle name of Pilcher anyway? What exactly is a Pilcher anyway?  I know.  It is a person with a huge inflated ego that hates to communicate with those she purports to want to represent.  People like me. 

I have been Pilchered by Mary and others like her.  Big mistake.  Isn't that right, GOV  Parkingson?  You decide to pilcher me too.  I do not like being pilcharized. 

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