Thursday, March 25, 2010

Congratulations: More of your money is going to pay for private rail systems

I just got the feed from GOV Parkingson dated March 24. 

Great news.  Now you, the American taxpayer is going to pay for the rebuilding of the private rail systems.  But Parkingson, our soon to be not GOV will take federal funds for it.  Your money.  Thanks GOV.  Read this excerpt:

"In conjunction, SB 409 authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to establish and implement a passenger rail service program. The Secretary would be authorized to enter into agreements with Amtrak, other rail operators, local jurisdictions, and other states. She would also be allowed to provide local jurisdictions assistance and encourage economic development as well as loans or grants to passenger rail service providers from a Passenger Rail Service Revolving Fund established by the bill.

SB 409 is also aimed at helping Kansas attract further funding for passenger rail from the federal government. The bill does not propose a revenue mechanism for funding the activities and leaves the initiation of the activities outlined in the bill to the Secretary. The bill takes effect upon its publication in the Kansas Register."

So not only is the abomination (by the POTUS) taking over the health care industry using your money, which the drug, insurance and health care industry will get more of your money, without any cost reductions, there is plans underway to also federalize or nationalize the private rail industry also. 

Has anyone asked, why?  Why is the federal government taking over all these industries?  Has anyone asked why can't the private rail industry pay for their own stuff?  Well maybe we ought to start asking is Barry a die hard Communist? 

I posted here several months ago about that secret meeting Warren Buffet had with Barry in early 2009.  Now if Barry is dumb enough to give Warren Buffet, ultimate capitalist billions of dollars of our federal tax dollars, well, good for Warren.  He is smart enough to con the POTUS into giving away our money for private industry. 

We all know Warren is rich enough to rebuild America's high speed rail system without your federal tax dollars.  And Barry is dumb enough to give Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man in America your federal tax dollars to build high speed rail systems anyway. 

Hence, why Warren bought Burlington Northern Railroad.  Good job Warren. Bad job Barry. I personally wrote Mr. Buffet months ago and told him you pay for high speed rail system.  Come on Warren. You have enough money. But oh no.  Warren Buffet is too clever to use his money.  He wants to use your money.

Because in America, the government is for the government.  What do we call the takeover of all the goods of production by a national government.  Why does the name Lenin come to mind.  Was that not his idea?  The national government controls all means of production.  Oh Great.  The United States of America is moving to communism. Let us all start calling each other comrade. 

Remember, it used to be the purpose of the federal government was of, by and for the people of this nation.  Not no more.  The  economic redistribution engine of the Obama administration is merely going to ensure the money you have, is taken and redistributed for the benefit of corporate America.  So now we all have to use our money to rebuild the private rail industry also.  What industry is left, that is not being taken over by the federal government using your federal tax dollars?

Well, at least McDonald's, Walmart, Taco Bell and a few stores still remain in private hands.  Do not tell the federal government.  Or soon, these companies will also be asking for your federal tax dollars leaving us with the Big MacGovernment cheeseburger.  Is there any corporation that is not getting your federal tax dollars via the socialist re-engineering scheme?  If there is, their CEO should be fired for not getting your federal tax dollars.

So stand by America for your thank you card from the private rail industry.  Soon, you get to pay for that also.  Until the 2010 election cycle stops the socialist redistribution plan taking over almost all of American industry.

 Welcome to the Communist States of America, land of big industry owned by and for the national government. No wonder American patriots are once again stating maybe we ought to all read that thing called the United States Constitution. 

You think?

CC to Warren Buffet

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