Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is it too late to impeach Crazy Nancy along with Barry? Inquiring minds want to know

After today, many of us are inquiring into impeachment processes. Read this below from the liberal socialists (commies) at CNN

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may call for a vote on a rule that would simply "deem" the Senate bill to be passed instead of making each lawmaker voice support or opposition. The House then would proceed to the separate vote on the more popular changes to the Senate bill. The idea has been dubbed the "Slaughter" solution, named after New York Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter, who is the chair of the House Rules Committee. Congress first used the self-executing rule in 1933, according to a memo sent to reporters by Vince Morris, spokesman for the House Rules Committee."

To all this nonsense, I have my own slaughter solution.  It is called the 2010 election when we slaughter a bunch of really corrupt democrats. Also known as the party of socialist engineers.  Commies. 

Maybe we should go ahead and have an election today.  Is Nancy Pelosi crazy and should be committed to an insane asylum?  Poll results are posted below:
Hell yes, by unamimous decision.  No one voted in opposition.  Commit and impeach Nancy Pelosi. 


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