Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holy Ghost Batman, Spiderman loses his job too! Who next? Clark Kent? "Give me your life or give me your lupins" Moore rhetoric, Part II

Just when we were all promised by the abomination, hope and change including that catchy slogan, yes we can (do what, we are uncertain prior to the election), we now know what catchy slogan means.  Even Spiderman is going to be unemployed as he gets canned from his employer.

Holy Ghost Batman.  What will the Justice League do? Should we start a fund for Spiderman so he can afford groceries? Heck no. Just call the POTUS.  I am pretty certain he will give some of your tax dollars close to a billion or so to Spiderman.  Why not? Obama has gave trillions of your dollars away.  We cannot as a nation, allow Spiderman to lose his job.

As a congressional candidate, I recommend we get Spiderman a job rebuilding our national infrastructure.  He would make a great welder on all those crumbling bridges we could have fixed, but did not.  Instead, we rescued Wall St., Government Motors, all the crappy financial institutions, all the whiny state GOVs, ad nausem, so why we would ignore now, Spiderman?

Expect POTUS to give Spiderman a billion dollars or so soon. Can it get worse.  Yes it can.  Especially when all those commerical loans start going bust causing a whole bunch of local bank failures soon.  Stand by for more of the Abomination.  If Spiderman is getting fired, what do you think is going to happen to your job? Can it happen to you. Ask the Abomination.  They will merely tell you, Yes it Can.

Finallly, can Mrs. Moore No.1,2, or 3 define a lupin?  If not have one of his wives see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLkhx0eqK5w. :More than likely, her campaign slogan will be: "Give me your life or give me your lupins."
Thank God and Jesus for Monty Python.

Rolflmao. TDUS

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