Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Great.  SCOTUS will get the opportunity to put the smack down on one of my nemeses, coward and opportunist of hate, Whore Fred Phelps.  And his kids too.  Especially the head kook leader of the family, Rachel.  Now I talked to Rachel on the telephone because frankly, I wanted to meet this nutjob on his own turf at the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka. 

I told Rachel I was a civil right activist.  She stated, "Oh, one of those gay fagot civil rights activists!".  Now coming from Rachel Phelps, despite not being gay, I kind of took that as a compliment.  Further, Phelp's granddaughter worked in the law library at Washburn Law School.  I told her I wanted to meet her grandpa also.  Clearly Fred Phelps is a coward.  He would not even meet with me.

So, I had a bunch of shirts printed to stop Fred Phelps.  I tried to organize both the law school faculty and the law students to protest the Phelps compound.  Naturally, they were all too busy.  But not me.  My dog Dwight and I protested his compound. 

Now I was hoping one of the Phelp's would come out and attack me.  Now my logic was to get battered so I could sue them.  As my own stature as a civil rights activist was growing, well . . . you want to take down one of the big anti-civil rights nutjobs.  And who better than me to take on all the Phelps.  I am not afraid of lawyers, even though eight of them in his family are attorneys. 

In ending, the Phelps family understood what I was trying to do.  So, they cowered in fear.  I am just surprised no veteran ever shot any of these people.  So finally, the family of hate mongers gets to be smacked down some more by SCOTUS.  I might even feel compelled to write a memorandum brief and file it with SCOTUS. 

Naturally, there is no bright line on freedom of speeech.  Even hate speech as advocated by these Phelps. Fred merely hates fags because his son is one.  So this should be interesting.  I might even go to the Supreme Court the day that case is argued. And take my nutcracker with me. Naturally, Fred cannot give oral argument.  He lost his license to practice law and was disbarred many, many years ago.  But I would assume one of their brainwashed kids will.  Good. 

The Case Docket NO. is 09-751.  Expect some fireworks as all sides smack down the Phelps family. Even God and Jesus dislike the Phelps family.


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