Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tom Scherer, the Prep H of the nation-Tyrant Buster

Once again, it seems appropriate to reintroduce myself.  And merely explain I am what the doctor ordered. Or alternatively, simply why I am the Prep H cure for the nation.  I am the tyrant buster.

Give me liberty or give me death.  Although I prefer instead the death of a huge, fiscally irresponsible, insane social re-engineering plan called the Obamanation. 

First of all, with reminders to George Carlin, everywhere we go in life, there is always some giant a-hole that wants to make your own a-hole shrink so much, you need to get some Prep H.  Even if choose to live life as a shut-in (I tried and failed), there is still at a minimum,  at least one ahole behind you. 

However, if you leave yourself, and go somewhere, there are going to be many a-holes surrounding you.  Whether that be at your job, at play or while shopping.  A-holes are everywhere. Even animals have them.  Now, some of these a-holes vary in size.

Second, some a-holes like Yoder and Jordan's have been greased and are gigantic in myth and rhetoric.  Out of these a-holes comes nothing but crap.  If you can get them to even tell you anything related to why in insanity you would ever vote for a greased and corrupt a-hole.

Third, there is a solution on how to deal with gigantic a-holes.  You can either spend a fortune on Prep H, or instead merely vote for Dr. Prep H.  Scherer, you know.  What's his face.  The guy that does stuff to earn your vote. 

Like who in their right mind would challange a horrible and unconstitutional Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  Clearly, only an idiot with way too much time on his hands, would do such a thing.  Spending his money to fight for your rights.

Well, what do we call a person like that?

Well, for one thing, Scherer is a professional pain in the arse.  A PPIA. 
Scherer likes to poke giant a-holes so they can spin like a comet. Which looks pretty cool if you can get that thought out of your mind.  A bunch of spinning gigantic a-holes.  Scherer really, really hates taxes.

Scherer also hates big government that keeps trying to take his money; while ignoring our own economic prosperity.  Jobs, infrastructure, important stuff like that. While also fighting stupid wars causing death of Americans for no reason whatsoever, other than to keep the defense industry going.

Moreover, Scherer is merely the best candidate for United States Congress. No one can touch this (dude) hen it comes to depth on issues, experience in making America better, and finally in listening, gathering and understanding what the consensus of voters want and expect including making gigantic a-holes spin.

So therefore, if you are tired of getting hemmroids from the beast and beastmaster political yahoos of ever-expanding big centralized government taking all your money in some kind of zany redistribution scheme (called hope and change), giving it to some greedy and evil corporate bastards, then maybe . . . 

just maybe you might want to vote for Tom Scherer, the Prep H of the nation. 

Also known as the Tyrant Buster. 

Starve the beast, or at least start whacking away at its tenacles.

tdus.  Love you all.

Just hate big government. 

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