Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update of the Dichotomy of Immokalee, Part II

Below is an email I just pushed to some people that like to help others.  In Kansas, most of us that are alive, are well aware of urban poverty.  This Immokalee situation in Collier County, Florida is interesting because this is rural poverty unlike any I have ever seen. Within this county is the rich and the poor-hence, the dichotomy.   Naturally, the government in Florida is similar to Kansas.  A bunch of political rhetoric by individuals only concerned about their own economic well-being instead of human beings.  Governments are failing us.  Broadly.

Instead of government for the people, in America, it is government for the goverment and the all the political yahoos greased by the corruption.  Maybe in America, all we have left are a few that are intent on getting all of our money.  It seems once again, we need to remind these yahoos we are taking over.  We are in charge, not them.

Email distributed to several key individuals (names omitted to protect their privacy) below:

Sunday, March 21, 2010,

I am just doing some basic research on the demographics of Immokalee. I find this article interesting:

It would appear there are competing interests in your community are focused on economic production in agriculture and gaming operations than they are regarding human life. I remain suspect whenever economic concerns take precedent over human life.
Collier county officials seem indifferent to this situation. And even worse, are frankly trying to give me misinformation telling me on March 18, no standing water in the levees. Which is just the exact opposite. So clearly, Collier County knows and wants to be just like a proverbial ostrich.

The Naples News Editor, Mr. Lewis lied to me as well. He promised to publish Op Ed in the Naples News and then did not. Which tells me he would have published the op ed if I had promoted the economic development of Immokalee. I find the economic development of Immokalee being the biggest concern to be nothing more than perpetuating the slave trade, deplorable living conditions for the economic well-being of a few privileged individuals taking advantage of the migrant farm workers.

How deplorable. When it comes to a grade of those only focused on tourism and the economic engine, most of you get a grade of a big fat F. Failure to be a decent and moral human being. Most of your theories related to economic development is called Reagan Voodoo Economics.

Make the rich richer, so the poor can get the table scraps of poverty so rampant, I suspect as the Chicago Tribune writer wrote, this town is more than likely, one of the biggest slave trade centers in America. Last night, I met an individual that informed me he had in fact, sold a slave himself here in Bonita. Now is that not special.

I do not think anyone in Collier is going to be receiving any Nobel Peace prizes here in the near future. The people of Collier County have left no options other than forcing me to contact key officials both in Washington DC, Kansas City and other areas that actually care about human life rather than economic prosperity of a few deriving their self-interest in the midst of some of the worst poverty I have ever witnessed in America.

Linda, give me a call this week. 1-239-676-9843. This is far worse than anything I saw in California.

This is a great place for you to visit. Bring Rudy and Roger with you. I also probably should contact Janet Murgilia over at La Raza. I am assuming both of you are already aware of this situation-this prompted me to write the Solution to Pollution-the Dichotomy of Immokelee. I would appreciate a following on this situation and some assistance here.

Advise ASAP.

Sincerely yours, Thomas E. Scherer, Candidate, United States Congress

from Estero, Florida.

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