Monday, March 15, 2010

What political issue is worth my time today?

Sorry, You can't afford my hourly.  I got more important things to do today. 

Like call that lady in Miami that wants to teach me to tango.  So, sorry America.  Just for today, tango before country

Go blog somewhere else.  Try those other yahoo congressional candidate web blogs. 

Oh,  that is right. They can't write very much.  Same old crap.  Give me your money now, so I can get a job later and get paid 175,000 every year for the rest of my life; not to mention that million bucks a year for inept staffing. That way, I John Yahoo Congressman can  do nothing but continously campaign and get re-elected; while also getting  paid  with your tax dollars.

Then, as a yahoo congressman, in turn, I can take more of your money out of your pocket by sponsoring some really horrible legislation and give it my corrupt  buddies, the rich.  Further, if you do not not re-elect me, then I can be a corporate lobbyist and really make some big bucks greasing other yahoo congressman. 

Is that not right Mr. Yoder and Jordan? Take from the poor and the working class, and then  give to some corporate entity. 

Later dudes and hi to all the beautiful attractive, soft and warm ladies including Virginia. Yes I am single so call my digits..

Finally, in regard to bracket selections in March Madness bracket contests, got mine done already. I just put down KU for every bracket pick in all the regions.  We all know, beware of the chalk.  RockChalk.  It will dominate the NCAA championship again.  

Come on KU.  Give a Notre Dame a break. If you do, God and Jesus will  bring economic prosperity to Kansas.  Because all of us basketball fans know God and Jesus like KU. But they both  love Notre Dame even more. 

AKA, Thomas E. Scherer, the better candidate for United States Congress because soon he will know how to tango.

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