Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get to know Mr. Reliable, Guy Ellison

I received permission to go ahead and announce with pleasure, Mr. Guy Ellison is a staffer with our and your congressional committee.

 Mr. Ellison provides protective services to political candidates in one of his many positions.  Not to mention his work effort with young people in giving them direction, motivation and leadership.  I am honored to have Mr. Ellison associated with our campaign as a staffer.

He has been providing services for some time.  Naturally, I only publish staff announcements with the permission of the person because confidentiality is important form of respect. And Mr. Ellision gave me permission to make this public announcement.

 Mr. Ellison is a person all of us can rely on.  And more than likely, if elected to United States Congress, Mr. Ellison would be one of the first persons I would humbly ask to be a staff member. Mr. Ellison would also make a fine political candidate if he chooses to be some day.

Why? Because I can count on Guy.  And how many people can I say that about? 

If us candidates can count on Guy, then you can count on Guy also as a member of our campaign team. 

Congratulations Mr. Ellison.  Respect is earned, not given for no reason. Or, merely because of one's title in a particular job.  You earned my respect for being reliable.  Good job. You walk the talk.

Nice to meet a fellow professional that does what that person states they are going to do.

Just like Mr. Scherer, your better candidate for United States Congress.


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