Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Reign of Tyranny is about to come to an end

For way too long, the American people, we the people have been far too passive in reigning in the growth of huge centralized governments from the federal clear to the local level of government.  Governments have ceased to be responsible to the people they were originally meant to serve as public servants.  Hence, there should be no surprise that the people this nation have woken up to the reign of tyranny.

As Patrick Henry stated long ago, "give me liberty or give me death". 

My choice right  now, today is give me my liberty.  And in that regard the tyranny I am personally having to endure by the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals died today.  I am going to be filing shortly both a petition for a writ of mandamus and quo warranto to have this court declared unconstitutional.  It is only when a despot creates their very own court, regardless of the judicial and legislative branch of the government can a despot reign.  So, the first step to killing the tyranny, is get the rid of the court owned and controlled by the despot.

I called Governor Parkinson yesterday. He refuses to communicate despite alleging to represent me and you.  This is the hallmark of a coward.  Mark Parkinson is a coward.  He does not deserve to be a despot or the Governor of Kansas.  Effectively, I have therefore constructively exhausted administrative measures with the Govnenor of Kansas.  This gives me standing here in Florida to sue the Governor of Kansas and his horrible fusion government in a federal court of law.

I have all the necessary factors required to challenge this unconstitutional court, the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals based  on Art. III of the United States Constitution.  By its order, this horrible court notes in does not have the ability or capacity to have a jury trial decide questions of fact. So on that issue alone, this court is unconstitutional.  On several founding principals we founded this nation and the state of Kansas.  The ursurpation of Kansans to have an involiate right to jury trial is merely another sign of tyranny.  And thank God almighty, the tyranny died today. 

Thanks for waking up America. We still have a long way to go.  But we have made the start.  We have risen from the dead and merely remembered we are in charge-not them.  These public servants, these corrupt political yahoos have once again by their ineptitude, awoke a sleeping giant, we the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union . . . have a duty when any branch of the government fails to fix it.  And fix it, we will. So help us God. 

The tyranny buster, your  better candidate for United States Congress, signed and dated this the 10th day of March, 2010.


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