Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am going to form a new party-the Beer Party

Great news.  I am now starting a brand new grass roots political organization called the Beer Party. I never was a big fan of tea anyway.  Sounds too British.  Naturally, we are meeting every night at every beer joint, bar and resteraunt in America.  Why not?

 If we are going to get screwed by these yahoos in DC, we might as well get drunk first.  That way, when you wake up in the morning and your billfold is empty, at least we will not remember who robbed our future prosperity.

Besides, if we can form and have a tea party, and now as reported by the liberal socialist media, a Coffee Party, then by God, I am going to start a party myself.  So, the next time you are having a beer, remember to dedicate your beer to restoring our constitutional right to demand the yahoos in DC start remembering we are in charge--not them. 

We are certainly going to screw them over come November 2010 by firing them. 

If one does not like beer, try the Jack Daniels or the Pot Party.  Alternatively, there are groups now being announced that you can join.  For example, AA members should definitely join the Coffee Party.  See

Good grief, the liberal socialist engineers with the media, particularily those liberal yahoo commies at CNN are so worried the Tea Party movement will merely continue.  To counter, they have to write their crap to try to maintain the feeding of the beast and try to divide us into this and that party. 

Which by now, should cause both the Dem Nuts or Demiwants to shout with glee as they all join hands with the GOP Party of NO  singing Kum By Yah (with Moore rhetoric as lead guitarist) as they too, announce a new joint effort called the Glutton Party.

It is called the Glutton Party for their insane ideas related to a redistribution of your money in both major parties so they can merely continue to doing a economic redistribution of your money. Usually to their favorite special interest group. So they in turn can get greased with generous corrupt contributions to their re-election committees so we do not fire them.  The political machine just keeps spinning.

But we are not going to be fooled again this election cycle.  The person with the most money in the committee funds is the person that needs to be fired, or not elected.  So drink some coffee and wake up to what is happening in America.

So whatever you do, pick the candidate with the lowest amount in campaign funds.  They can be trusted.  There is no quid pro quo. No corruption. They have not been bought by the party machine or the corporations. 

Unlike Yodeling Yoder or Nick "Satan" Jordan.  Clearly, these two yahoos are being greased by party insiders or funded by special interest groups of the Glutton Party.  To restore the original intent of our United States Constitution, not only starve the beast, also starve the yahoos that belong to the Glutton Party. 

All of them deserve to be fired come November 2010.  Maybe an even better idea is start the Screw Party.  You screwed us--now it is our turn to screw you come election time.

The heck with the Beer Party.  Therefore, I changed my mind.  Instead, I am starting the Screw Party. So everytime you screw around, think about all these political yahoos in Washington.

For clearly, they keep forgetting how they screwed us over and over.  So, we want to remind them we have not forgotten and now we are going to screw them like a bad dim light bulb needing to be replaced.  Or hey, how about a party we can all belong to! 

Final choice, the American [we are united as one] Party. And we patriots are not going to let you glutton people divide us this election cycle. Screw them.

We want and demand a party that really believes the United States Constitution is just fine as written. It promises us a more perfect union.  And at least, we the people have not forgotten that.  Merely remember the WWII tank general analogy. 

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more union once again have the political yahoos surrounded. 

"They are both on the left and the right. In front of us and behind us.   Good.  They cannot escape this time, come November 2010." 


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