Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brokeassism: Defining a new form of Insane Socialism

Brokeassism, a new form of government funded by really stupid and wasted deficit spending during a recessionary period paid for by silly and irrational tax increases like crap and trap, silly economic theories even CBO states will not work and insane things like a national health care system taking over 1/6th of our economy.  Give me a break Obama.

Let us face some reality.  America is a broke-ass nation. The verb for this situation is brokeassism.  We have to step up to the plate and take responsibility for it.  Or better stated, we have to stop relying on the closed and mentally broke Big Brother Resteraunt for our free lunches.  It is closed for new business.  We, the people have to know pay for lunch ourselves, instead of undue reliance on the brokeass federal government.

For too many decades, we as a nation of people have leaned so far on a big central government to pay for our stuff, the walls are crumbling to the ground. So facing reality, we caused this mess and need to fix it.  The first step is to accept responsibility.  I accept personal responsibility for the fiscal insanity we find ourselves in today--brokeassism.

I point the finger inward.  Have I not relied too much on the federal government?  Have I not wanted the federal government to make certain I can retire?  Have I not expected too much from the federal government being a disabled vet, having put my arse on the line defending the nation's freedom?.  Have I not borrowed money from the federal government to get way too much education?  Have I not relied on the federal government to give enough pork to kill all the hogs that exist in the universe to state, county and local governments, merely so I do not have pay for all that crap? 

Am I not personally responsible for brokeassism?  I think I am. It is Thomas E. Scherer's fault we are now a brokeass nation. Scherer merely wants to fix what he caused all by himself.  No other selfish American should be held accountable.  Just Scherer.

You betcha, it is Thomas E. Scherer's fault.  He accepts personal responsibility for our nation' really horrible federal government.  And now that we are a brokeass nation, maybe we might want to consider knocking this undue reliance on big brother, off.  Sure, there will be withdrawal symptoms as we learn the best person to be reliant on, again is us.  We, the individuals.  And stop holding out our hand and voting for whomever offers us the biggest bribe to be POTUS. 

My best understanding of the United States Constitution remains a solid belief that our founding fathers wanted and insisted in order for our nation to survive, the central focus was on the individual-not governments, not institutions, not entites, but us as individuals. 

Then, in order to form that more perfect union, our founding fathers gave enormous power to the states to take care of the individuals residing in each of the several states.  Where did we go wrong and start drifting further and further away from the vision of our founding fathers?

Well, I am pretty certain it started with FDR.  Ever since this dude, everyone has wanted a big brother handout.  Well, the handouts are over.  One way or the other.  If we keep getting handouts based on deficit spending, then we get inflation to go along with all the borrowed dollars.  Maybe, just maybe we might want to demand the federal government do what is required of state governments.  Balanced budges, not deficit spending causing inflation and a devaluation of the American dollar. 

We must have a responsible tax reform and all of us, even you brokeasses are going to start contributing.  And if you don't, tough.  When you are starving and living on the streets, once again, you are going to have to rely on human beings for handouts, not big brother. 

Or, in the alternative, here is a creative and innovative idea-you might actually get a job and start working for your living.

Finally. The free lunch at the brokeass and closed Big Brother Resteraunt recess is over.

Furthermore, the founding fathers created 3 branches of government.  Except in America, we have that fourth branch that needs to be eliminated.  The Federal Reserve.  It needs to go.  We have seen enough of the effect of the federal reserve.  It has failed us over and over.  It is time to get rid of it.  Or, at least severely restrict what the Federal Reserve bankers can do, by instituting a check and balance on their horrible attempts to manipulate the national economy, without oversight.

It is time to require congressional approval by Congress, before the Federal Reserve can do much of anything.  They are not the fourth branch of government.  And they are one of the enemies of free people.  Demand the United States Congress put an end to the federal reserve system as we know it.  With the Federal Reserve, we have become the brokeass nation.

Welcome to the United States of Brokeassism. Maybe, just maybe we might want to remember the immortal words of JFK (regardless of him being a Demiwant), "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." To which I know add, instead of holding your hand out to big brother, put your hand in your billfold, pay your fair share of taxes that one can afford, and finally, the next time you place your hand over your heart to say the Pledge of Allegiance, think about what you are saying.  And then mean it.

I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

And then the umpire will yell out, "Play Ball".  Let us do our part and make sure we do not play brokeass ball, anymore.
For certainly, since FDR we keep striking out like the Mighty Casey. 

Maybe it time we hit a home run instead.  One way to get a homer is vote for Scherer for your congressman.  He guarentees he is not going to miss the ball this time. 


Next Post: "Render unto Caesar, those things that are Ceasar's and render unto God those things that are God's." Matthew 22:21.
And in the final analysis, Caesar does not own squat. 

God owes everything.

And that is why we do not trust Obama or Gold.  Their is no l in the word God or in the Obamanation.

 "In God we Trust".  Seems like a pretty good statement of what life is all about. 

Amen.  Later.

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