Monday, March 22, 2010

The Shadow of Political Suicide: Take Demon Pass

Those zany demiwants decided that deem and pass was a strategy they wanted to implement.  Whether they take that politically suicidal walk into the valley of deathly fiscal irresponsiblity, remains to be seen.  The important issue here is that they even considered it.  What were they thinking?  Did they think, we the people would not notice? 

Maybe they might consider changing their name from the Democratic Pary to the Donner Party.  Because soon, they are going to be eating their own children just to survive the 2010 election snowstorm.  Because most certainly, they are going to be abandoned. And the sad thing is the Donner Democratic Party is not even close to Lake Tahoe.

Now after these demiwants walk or run through this valley of death, Deem and Pass, they have to face the twin peaks before them rising high and mighty.  Mount Reconcilation and Mount Re-Election 2010.  More than likely, they might climb both of these mountains, but I seriously doubt their zany nationalization of health care will survive the climb up both of these two formible mountains.  These demiwants failed to include in their travel plans, any costs cuts to health care. 

As well as telling the senior citizens, sorry, we cannot afford your health insurance so there goes 500 billion in health care to the elderly.  But hey, we will bribe you with 250 dollars.  If you live long enough after our abominable plan. The demiwant name for ensuring and rationing health care-comparative medicine.  Oh great, kill my mother by comparative medicine-rationing health care.  Now why is all this nationlization of heatlh care by the federal government that big of a deal?

Because the demiwants in wanting to take over 1/6th of our economy, do not care about we the people and cutting costs.  All they care about is your money.  And redistributiing it to the drug, insurance and health care industry. As well as ensuring state governments maintain and continue their status quo bureaucracy.  This is a very evil plan and even if they shove this down our throats, we the people will fix it. 

We are once againg taking charge of governments.  We. We the people.  In order to form a more perfect union . . . . 

They are not in charge.  We are.  We created this mess by our political apathy and cynacism.  And we have now woken up from our slumber united.  We are going to do our duty and fix it.

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