Monday, March 8, 2010

Rampant Speculation: Who will the Demiwants really lead to the slaughter in the 3rd District Congressional Race?

Ok.  After the silly and ridiculus March Madness announcement that moore or less, one of moore rhetoric's three wives, might file for United States Congress, which was almost as silly as Steve Rose's nine-day campaign, left most of us that live in reality, rofl, who really will the Demiwants pick as their final answer for the 3rd District congressional election?

There are three left that will really make us all  laugh, left. 

There is Larry Gates, the horrible executive director of the KS Socialist Engineers, the Demiwants.   Remember, a demiwant is merely a  huge socialist that wants.  They want us to pay for all the crap they want.  A zany kind of economic redistribution plan you pay for, but not the demiwants. 

Hence, Dem I want this and I want you, a fiscal conservative to pay for in some kind of irrational scheme beyond rational belief. Merely refer to the current POTUS's scheme for health care redistribution.  The abomination.  For those dem socialists that cannot read words, let me spell it out for you- DEM-I-WANT.  Come on. 

Even a socialist can say letters. 

Second, there is the racist Senator David Haley.  Haley cannot make up his mind what office he wants to run for.  Many of us rofl recently when he started a rumor he might run for United States Senate.  Good one devoid of factual reality.  Merely note no demiwant has been elected to the United States Senate since 1930.  This rampant rumor by Haley should qualify racist Haley to be elected Comedian of the Political Year. 

Third, we have that dude that is currently the GOV of Kansas. Former GOP person, and head DINO.  Mark ParkingSon.  Now exactly what is Parkinson going to do, other than go home, finally.  We think Parkingson is the only viable person that stands any chance of any credibility.

Naturally, the demiwants still have a huge obstacle to overcome.  Larry Gates.  Wake up Larry.  You, moore rhetoric and the queen of Oz, tax cheater and elitist Sebelius have totally decimated the Demiwant Socialist Party.  Some of us here in the Kansas GOP are considering inducting you into the KS GOP Hall of Fame.  Larry, you have done more for the Kansas GOP, than anyone else.

So, in a strange way, all of us GOP people want to thank Larry for clearly being one of the worst Executive Directors for the Kansas Demiwants in the entire history of Kansas politics. 

You see, our GOP plan worked. Many years ago, we decided the best way to win elections was to get put a spy within the Kansas Demiwant Party.  So eons ago, we got Larry to infiltrate the Kansas Dem Socialist Engineering and Economic Redistribution of your wealth Party.

In our wildest dreams, we never expected the Demiwants to really make Larry the Executive Director. But you did.  So what can we say, other than THANK YOU.

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