Sunday, March 14, 2010

What is Scherer on the political spectrum?

Good question.  What am I on the political spectrum?

I am a hybrid stateman.  I am hard to label.  Depends really on the issues.  Sometimes, I am a conservative and sometimes I am liberal. Sometimes, I like GOP ideas, but not their corruption. Sometimes, I like the Dem ideas of being compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others; but not taxing the crap out of overtaxed middle class America.  Sometimes, I like the very best ideas of the Libertarians and Reformers. 

So, I study all of them and take away what is best for the individuals of our nation.  Individuals are the backbone of our nation.  Someone forget to tell the dem socialists engineers and their insane redistribution of our wealth to corporate America.  But always, one thing remains.

I support the United States Constitution as written.  I am not a progressive socialist in the mold of FDR in thinking the Constitution can be improved.  It is fine as written.  This almost makes me a Constitutionalist. 

In Kansas, most of the people are independents.  Good.  I like the independents that choose who to vote for, based on where the candidates stand on issues-an area I excel at, bar none.  No one is going to touch on depth on issues.  Hence, why most of these other yahoos are afraid to debate me in a public forum.  I would tear them up.  They know it and I know it. 

Now some of these yahoos are supported by the party machine and by the socialist news media like the KC Red Star and the JOCO Sun.  These folks only do this crap in their own interests. They do not care about the nation, or Kansas.  They merely care in their own selfish, self-interest.  They try to convince us few readers they have left, merey to increase ad revenues and their own selfish profits.  No wonder the newsprint media is going under forcing people to resort to blogs.  These media people only care when there is an economic impact on their pockets. Which is part of the problem.

For far too long, people have been selfish and voting based on their own selfish interests.  Now, that just makes them self-seeking human beings.  We all tend to advocate for those things that will make our lives better.  But as far as my perspective, I have to get over self and do what is best for most of us, if not all of us.  Hence, it is no easy task to do that. 

So, I am not a DINO or a RINO, or a ultra conservative or ultra liberal.  I am merely an American.  And if you are one of those, then you are like me.  I tend to be a centrist.  But in the current economic situation we find ourselves in, I am leaning more to the upper central area of the Libertarians.  Less government, although we still need some. 

My biggest weakness is also a big strength.  Name recognition.  I am doing stuff to make a better place for as many people as possible by affect and effect all over the place. Most of my work effort has been at the national level.  Because I do try to stay focused and impact that numbers thing.  What has the potential to impact the most Americans including Kansans.  So why limit myself to just Kansas issues when I can the same effect by doing stuff on the national front.

And naturally, the local media is only impressed by local events by people unlike myself.  Local yahoos but none of the locals are national like myself.  Which makes the media uninformed idiots.  Hence, I have no love for the liberal media in Kansas, or in Kansas City. These people are way too narrow in what they know about me as a candidate.  Basically, they suck.  Not to mention most are owned by foreign corporations.  Right?  And when you get their paper, ever notice there are more ads than articles. If you can find any articles that are even newsworthy, or not biased or slanted. 

So, in conclusion, I am a hybrid-a stateman.  Although trying to do my best to really be your representative as the best candidate for United States Congress.  If there is someone better, then I would step aside. 

Dan Gilyeat has some potential, but needs a better guiding hand in his political career.  He is not very trusting, despite my substantial efforts to him to be assistive.  I like Dan.  He is running for the right reasons-the people.  So I like Mr. Gilyeat, provided he gets more trusting and better as a viable congressional candidate.

Me, I am relatively an old dude when it comes to politics.  I am also very good at what I do.  I have brought about so much for people of this nation, including Kansas and now Florida, it is hard even for me, a humble public servant to briefly tell you what I have been doing since 1994.  Merely rest assured, it has been substantial and I will continue until I am dead or unable to do so anymore, to continue to change America, Kansas and anywhere else I am given the opportunty.

And for that opportunity, I consider myself a very fortunate individual; despite some of the barriers and adversity I had to overcome.  I am a good guy.  I would be a good congressman, if given the opportunity.  If I not, I will still do whatever I can to change America clear to the local level.

That is my promise. And I keep my promises.  My word is all I have.  And if you have read this, and should I fail to keep my promises, it is ok to just shoot me.  Because when I stop caring about people, more than likely, it is because I am already dead.

Later.  It is a beautiful day.  I am going to enjoy it.


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