Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why we love America despite having to live in a high stress Crazytown

People from all over the world that live in the America, very rarely leave freely. There are many reasons why this is so. America remains a great place to live. We have all those promises as written in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Important things.

Right to life, liberty and happyness. Freedom of speech, religion and a right to assembly. The right to replace the national government, or any branch that fails us. We live in a highly developed, high tech nation.

Many tell me a condition of living in any area in America has typical problems and opportunites; and that most of us live in a location I merely refer to as Crazytown, USA whether that town is here in Estero, FL or in my last home in Kansas. Here from the urban dictionary is a definition of Crazytown USA-Something that is so insane, that it deserves it's own zipcode.

High stress in Crazytown is part of our daily existence.
As a candidate for Congress, my goal is to return our federal government to being less stressful in all of us lives, that includes going backwards a little bit in returning retro to better times, including making living in Crazytown not as crazy due to the national government.

Further as written in other posts on this channel, we need to return as a united nation to being more moral, spiritual and remain focused and united as families; while pursuing what is in our best interests, as individuals hsving to deal with our own circumstances daily we all deal with in Crazytown USA.

That is my job to make Crazytown less so. And I am not thrilled with the burden of this job. Someday, I might quit making the world and country a better place and return to focusing on my own inner peace and tranquilty including leaving now to go wash the dishes sitting in my sink.

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