Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I really dislike my blog photo-I look a lot better now

I really dislike the professional photo on this blog. I do not have a beard, my hair looked horrible in the photo. I look a lot better without the beard and with my hair combed and not plastered in gel, the photo guy failed to tell me about.

I also paid a graphics guy to stick in the other side of the blog header thingie, a paste of Kansas sunflowers. This cost some more money in past elections. Naturally, if I were not a frugal fiscal conservative, I would fix all that stuff.

So, I assure you I look a lot better in person. Further, I really do not like dressing in suits trying to impress people with clothes. I may even run as a blue jeans kind of candidate, some of the time. My goal is to assure you I am just like most of America.

The purpose of this blog and this post is to ensure and assure you I am aware of the state of our nation and why I am an experienced and qualified congressional candidate that has been listening and understanding voter expectations and angst.

I get it. The further the campaign goes on, one of my jobs is to show I get it, better than the other less experienced candidates. That is my job also. The person that best explains they get it, wins the congressional seat.

Finally, no one is going to understand the issues better than I do. No one. Usually the way this pans out, no one will engage in debate in a public forum. Wait and see as the campaign progresses. Understanding and discussion of getting it, are what make me the best qualified candidate.

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