Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vote for Scherers-Scherer is now just like many of you--a hard core biker dude

Bought new bicycle this week. Ok, it was used-a new used bike. And I can still only dream about being A Harley-Davidson kind of biker. Regardless, I need to exercise so I do not continue losing muscle mass ensuring blue jeans are far too loose. Do not want to get skinny chicken stork legs either and as digusting as this sounds, I have excess body fat and need to get one of those stomach six-pack things back.

Another benefit, after biking two miles, I am now indisputably a biking expert.
Only fell and injured myself once. So, I can also claim to have already been in a major life-tahreatening biker accident.

Stay tuned for Scherer biking tales of my biking adventures on this free blog I should start charging a fee for. This blog is widely read in many countries and is only available and exclusively read here for your reading pleasure in the same style as known by all my devoted fans and readers-all seven of you.

Should make Queen happy with me doing this good health crap. What next is she going to demand in messing with me? Give up all my hedonism? Make me quitting cheese burgers and tacos?

Good luck with that happening. And I am never going to quit eating Popeye's fried chicken no matter what ahw demands, no matter how many fingers she controls me with.When it comes to Popeye's fried chicken she better get another 28 fingers to stop from enjoying that gift from God.

Already raced one golf cart and some security guy today on one of those two wheeler things you can stand on. Lost both races, this time. I demand a rematch.

Now I can finally be even cooler and wear some Harley-Davidson t-shirts and not look like a fake biker dude; since I am now an official and indisputable newbie hard core biker dude.

Get bragging rights in public that I can proclaim I now official biker dude. Chicks will dig it. Queen need not know about that psrt of this blog man strategy-if she finds out and you rat me out, I will have to quit my new scheme of bragging I am an offical hard core biker. Kind of. So if anyone rats me out, you suck.

Further, Chinese and Japanese bikes suck. Buy American-buy Harley Davidson and ride. Often.

Look out for hard core bikers-especially me. The last time rode a bike, I was 13. So out here in the hard streets of SW Florida, I am more dangerous on my bike, than a snowbird from Ohio.

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